Roughly 200kcal Meals

White Fish, Egg, Broccoli and Mushrooms

So, this is my first food recipe! And if you can’t already tell from the title, it’s fairly simple and only has FOUR ingredients. That’s right, four ingredients.

I think when you are limited in the number of calories you can have in a meal it does make things tough. But you still want to be able to enjoy what you eat, even if the portions are smaller.

I’m not sure exactly how many calories this meal is, but I know it’s roughly 200, so I don’t think you can go much wrong.

My sister and I had this for our Saturday night tea though, so I would definitely say that it’s something you would cook as a treat on the weekend!

Sometimes you just got to go a little crazy and have something super nice on the weekend!

And this meal certainly satisfied our cravings when it came to having a nice meal for our Saturday Night Tea – since we’re no longer having takeaways anymore 😦

Also, just in case someone decides to comment on the colour/size of the egg I used, I have chickens and I don’t normally buy eggs (unless my chickens go on strike, which they sometimes do haha!), so they will look different to shop brought ones, but in my mind, they taste a lot better (as they are a lot fresher).

Anyway here are the ingredients and recipe below:


170g White Fish (No Skin)

1 Small Egg

60g Broccoli

20g Mushrooms

Recipe: Heat up a frying pan with fry light first (don’t use oil).

When the frying pan is hot, you can put the fish in to cook.

Turn the heat down to a low/medium temperature (you don’t want the fish to burn).

Now depending on how lazy you want to be, you can either cook the broccoli in the pan with the fish or bring a pan of water to the boil and then cook the broccoli in the water.

I decided to cook the broccoli and mushrooms in the same pan as the fish, as I don’t want to have to do a load of washing up. Obviously, this decision is up to you.

This should only take about 10 minutes.

Whilst these 3 ingredients are cooking, you should bring a pan of water to the boil.

When the water is boiling, get a spoon and stir the water (without burning yourself), whilst the water is spinning, you can crack the egg and put it in the water.

Now I normally have my hob turned up to 5 (out of 6 for heat) whilst it poaches my egg, and I normally leave it for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. This leaves me with a perfectly runny egg, but obviously, this will depend on how you poach your eggs.

Whilst your egg is cooking, your fish and vegetables should be cooked, so you can serve them up on your plate (make sure it is fully cooked first though!).

And when the egg is done, you can place it in your plate.

And voilà, your meal is ready!

This is a great quick and simple recipe to cook, so you should be able to go and enjoy this with no problem!

Now Go And Enjoy!

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