Food and Eating Out

So, unless you are one of my closest friends, you probably won’t know that I am currently doing the 1:1 Diet (you might know it as the Cambridge diet though) and I’ve been doing it since Christmas 2019.

I won’t be telling you what my starting weight is, mainly because I don’t know what I was! I have however currently lost 2 stone (as of February 2020) on this diet and I think it’s a pretty successful diet.

And although I am a huge believer that big is still beautiful (well any size is beautiful) – I don’t want my size to affect my health and cause me problems in the future.

I am all for supporting one another and making sure that people feel confident in their body.

But I’ve decided that in order to give people that little bit of extra support, having healthy recipe ideas and a few dieting tips might help people with whatever their goal is regarding their weight.

You might want to lose weight or even gain weight and I just hope that I can help you on this journey.

Just know that if you ever need to talk to someone, I’ll always listen anyway!

So let’s get started on some helpful posts.

Since I’m currently doing the 1:1 diet, I’ve decided to include recipes for meals that are roughly 200 calories (you can obviously increase the amount you cook though if you would like something with a few more calories).

You can click here for meal ideas that are roughly 200 calories!

In the future, I will look at doing more healthy recipes (things like for people who have a bit of a sweet tooth, Saturday night dinning in or what food to cook for a family BBQ etc,). So please bear with as I bulk up my recipe collection!