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Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for castlesandturrets.com!

We love sharing this space with writers and bloggers that are dedicated to helping travel bloggers make travelling easier and more enjoyable.

Content topics that we accept here on the blog:

  • “Things to Do” – List of things to do for a destination
  • “What to Eat” – Food and drink recommendations for a destination
  • “Where to Stay” – Accommodation recommendations for a destination
  • Travel planning tips – packing tips, budget travel tips, international travel tips
  • Travel gift guides, best travel gifts
  • Visiting Historical Places (this is one of our favourite things for people to write about)
  • History Guides – Any sort of history lesson can always be a good post (another favourite)

Our blog content is (always, always, always) focused on tips, tricks, and life hacks that make travelling easier. The only exception is the history guides. We do not accept any blog post contributions that do not fall under this umbrella.

If you’re not sure if your idea fits our criteria, please still email us, as long as it is travel/history related, we’re sure we can make it work!

Would you like to write for us?

Send your guest post pitch to castlesandturrets@gmail.com following these guidelines:

  • Email subject line must say: Guest Post Pitch
  • Include a short bio about yourself and your writing experience
  • Include your guest post topic idea + potential blog post title
  • Include a link to your blog and/or writing samples

Here are some guest posts that have done really well, to give you an idea:


If your guest post topic is approved, you’ll receive an approval email. Please follow these guidelines when creating your guest post:

  • Write at least 750 words of high-quality content
  • Include a focus keyword phrase in the blog post title and the article
  • Post must be original content that is not published anywhere else online.
  • Do not include any affiliate links (exception for my affiliate links to your products).
  • Thoroughly edit for proper spelling and grammar.

When your guest post is complete, you can send the Word Doc to castlesandturrets@gmail.com. Please include your headshot, a short bio, and a link to your website.

Guest posters will receive:

  • Free promotion across all of Castle and Turrets social platforms
  • One dofollow backlink to your own website
  • One additional link to a social media channel of your choice

**Please note: We reserve the right to refuse, edit, or modify any guest post at any time and for any reason, as needed for the benefit of our readers and this website.

Looking forward to working with you!