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Story Time: A Curse that Turned the Entire Bhangarh Fort into Ruins

In such old mysterious places, we often experience some kind of strange force calling for death, and we cannot stop at that place without the feeling of fear. There are many such forts and castles all around the world; even today whose stories tell about their dark past (such as these haunted castles in Scotland)!

Very few people can get to such places though, and some people do not believe at all, but still, there are some people who have a passion for reaching such mysterious places (or are simply just curious) and cannot live without knowing about such mysterious places.

There are many forts and places in the country and abroad such as Kumbhalgarh Fort in India, but there is a fort in India where as soon as the sun sets it becomes the abode of ghosts and evil spirit, and no human can spend the night in this fort, and whoever made such an attempt has not yet been discovered!

This fort in India is called the Bhangarh Fort, located in the Alwar district, some distance from Jaipur and it is a place famous for being one of the most haunted places in India. Keep on reading to find out about the true history of this mysterious fort.

The History of Bhangarh Fort

King Madho Singh built Bhangarh Fort in the 16th century. Madho Singh was the younger brother of Akbar’s commander Mansingh and held the rank of general in his army. 300 years ago, the population of this small town was around 10000. This fort was considered a very luxurious fort built on the mountains of that time, which was built to live on a vast scale.

At that time, many temples and gates were built in this fort. The fort was surrounded by a strong wall from all four sides so that the external enemy could not directly enter the fort. The stones used in this fort were so strong that you could use these stones in building construction even today.

The story behind this fort goes that there was once a beautiful princess named Ratnavati who lived in this fort. Impressed by their beauty, the princes of many nearby states came to her with marriage proposals. Often she used to go to the market with her dear friends. One day, when she was visiting the market, she stopped at a perfume shop and was smelling the perfume. At the same time, a magician named Scindia was looking at her from a distance (he was believed to be the greatest Tantric in the State – an important thing to remember for the purpose of this story).

He was so impressed by the princess’s beauty that he wanted to get the princess for himself. He tried many things, but he failed. In the end, he came up with a plan to use Tantra Vidya and mix the black magic of Vashikaran in the perfume that the princess used to buy from the perfume shop. The detectives of Rajkumari came to know about this, and told the princess who slammed the perfume down on the ground and destroyed it.

The perfume bottle got destroyed as soon as it fell on the stone, and the perfume disintegrated. In that perfume, Scindia had put his entire life of Tantra knowledge inside of it, but it wasn’t just his knowledge that was in the perfume but also his life. That is why as soon as the perfume fell, he died. Before he took his final breath he cursed the people living in Bhangarh fort and vowed that no one would be able to survive in the fort and no one will live there.

Due to the tantric curse, on the second day after his death, a terrible war took place between Bhangarh Fort and Ajabgarh, and due to which all the citizens, including Rani Ratnavati of Bhangarh, were killed. The souls of all those who died keep roaming in the Bhangarh fort even today. After this incident, many kings came to stay here but could not stay there.

Visiting Bhangarh Fort Today

In Bhangarh Fort, a board has been put on behalf of the team of ASI, in which it is written that entry here after dusk is forbidden.

The roof of the houses in this fort has also been uprooted due to the curse of the black magician, and many buildings have been completely piled up.

In this fort, the government tried to prove many false stories of this fort, but due to people claiming to hear the screams of the dead, the government have been unable to prove it. After the strong winds, there is silence in the evening, which is a form of scream after a silence.

There is no office of ASI inside the Bhangarh Fort, and many tantric’s come here to do spiritual practice at night, and no one is able to know. Due to these horrific incidents, no construction work has been possible here. There are Murtis in the temples, but there is no worship because the time of worship is at 7 in the evening, and entry of anyone is prohibited in the evening.

Probably due to all these mysterious incidents and strange stories reasons, the number of tourists in Alwar district Bhangarh has increased.

Would you want to stay in this Fort overnight? What did you think to this story? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Story Time: A Curse that Turned the Entire Bhangarh Fort into Ruins

  1. I am going to visit this place soon! There are lots of documentaries about Bhangarh and this place is considered the most haunted place in Asia. I live in India and have heard a lot about Bhangarh and I am very excited to go there! I would like to spend a night here but not without all those “supernatural protections” The whole place is still deserted and in my research I also learnt that their is an Ajabgarh Fort near this fort connected to the story. It is something like a ruler built this fort after this incident to live here but couldn’t sustain due to the evil curse.

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