My Fur Babies

So anyone who knows me, knows that I love my animals!

I grew up on a farm and can’t imagine life without them.

Currently I have 3 kittens (well adult cats now, but they are still babies to me) called Loki, Queenie and Trixie

2 adorable dogs called Rowan and Willow

And I just want more!

Anyway, I thought you would appreciate seeing some pictures of them all!

The above pictures are when they were all tiny! I first got all three kittens when they were about 2/3 weeks old. I bottle fed them, I helped them poop, I cleaned them and now they are all grown up! I wish they could stay this small forever. Make sure you hover over the pictures to see who’s who in each picture.

Here they are all grown up:

Queenie is the baby of the family – I don’t know why but she can get away with anything

Loki just wants a lot attention and cuddles! He’ll always find a way to sit on you if you don’t give him enough attention. I also think that he would love to be bottle fed again if he could!

Trixie is my mum’s favourite cat (but don’t tell the others I said that). She’s an absolute sweetheart, but such a scaredy cat! If she doesn’t know you, then don’t expect her to be anywhere obvious in the house, she’s found every hidey hole that she can.

Aren’t these kittens cute! Honestly can’t imagine life without them.

Here are my two dogs as well:

Look at Rowan! Before you ask he’s a flat coated retriever and has soooo much energy it’s unreal. Just like Loki he wants attention and trust me he succeeds in doing it. All he has to do is look at you and your heart melts!

Isn’t Willow adorable! Check out this little old lady. Willow’s a German Shepherd who just wants to be loved. She’s the kindest dog I know, even when she was first introduced to the kittens she just wanted to mother them. Oh I love her so much!!

I’m probably being biased since they’re my own, but aren’t they all adorable!

I’d love to see some pics, or funny stories about what your pet has done. Make sure to comment at the bottom!

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