About Me

Hi everyone!

It’s nice of you to drop by 🙂

This is me!

I’m Isobel and this is my blog (obviously).

You might be wondering why I chose the name CastlesandTurrets – well it’s simple really. I love castles and most castles have turrets! Bet you weren’t expecting that.

I’ve had this blog a few years now and I love it!

It started off more as a hobby, but as I got older and started exploring more places it because the perfect place to document all my adventures.

I’m also a huge film and book fan, so of course I had to incorporate that into this blog somehow. My favourites films are Harry Potter (and the books – omg it’s so amazing), but my ultimate favourite read is ‘The Lady in the Tower‘ by Marie Louise Jensen. Please, please, please if you haven’t read, please do! Then tell me all about it haha!

Anyway, what else can I tell you?

Well I graduated from Queen Mary, University of London in 2018. I did my degree in Comparative Literature and absolutely loved it! Kind of want to go back if I’m being honest.

I was lucky enough to get a job as a marketing assistant shortly after. After learning as much as I could I got promoted to Head of Outreach – can you believe how lucky I was! I have since left that job though as I am planning on moving in with my boyfriend in the new year and the commute just would have been a disaster! But I am now working at a brilliant new place as a Digital PR Manager (which is just incredible) and I couldn’t be happier 😀

I’m in a relationship with the most wonderful person ever (you’ll probably see his name dropped in a couple of articles – which is Luke by the way) and I couldn’t be happier with him. Come the year 2021 we’ll be finally living together! The year 2020 hasn’t been kind to couples who live far apart, but we made it work!

Lastly, I’m a huge animal lover. If I could adopt every animal I would!

That’s about it for now, but I’m sure if you take a look at a few of my posts you’ll get to see a lot more of me and my personality.

Much love! xoxo

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