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All You Need to Know About Visiting Kumbhalgarh Fort in India

Hi all! This latest guest post is written by the lovely Pooja, you can find out more about her in the author bio at the end of this post! This was a really fun post to collaborate on – I know very little about places in India, but Kumbhalgarh Fort is now high on my list of places I want to visit! Just read the post below and look at all the amazing photos, it just looks incredible!

Climbing those steep stairs and walking around the huge landscape under the open sun while enjoying the breeze is something really very common when you visit any castle or fort in the world. Right?

India has a very diverse culture and a lot of history to be shared. There have been many rulers who ruled in different parts of this country from time to time. And with rulers come their own castles and forts to rule from. 

Rajasthan is one of the states in India with a lot of many forts to visit, especially in cities like Jaipur and Udaipur. They have a rich heritage and home to many UNESCO World heritage sites. One of the most renowned forts in Udaipur is Kumbhalgarh fort. 

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Entry fees: Indian- INR 15/ Foreigner- INR 200

Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM

Overview of Kumbhalgarh fort!

Kumbhalgarh is the second largest fort in India. There are over 350 temples inside the fort itself. Guess now you can imagine exactly how huge this fort is. Also, this fort has the second longest wall in the world, right after The Great Wall of China. That’s why it is called The Great Wall of India.

I am always in awe with such magnificent structures and architectures. The gates are so intricately designed. The walls are so damn thick. I mean I know since it’s a fort, it has to be that way, but it just amazes me. 

One of the many gardens!

There are a lot of gardens and trees all around. And not just any tree growing here and there. But trees of cherimoya (custard apple/ sitaphal). I was lucky when I visited because it was time for them to be ripe. I did pluck a few of them. But now that I think about it, I am not sure if it was allowed or not.

The best view is when you reach the top of this fort. It is just WOW! You can see the whole stretch of the fort wall and nothing else but the mountains. I am a big-time nature lover. So, the moment I reached here (after a pretty good hike), I was in total awe.

Landscape from the top of Kumbhalgarh fort!

Evening show

Each evening, for a few minutes, the Kumbhalgarh fort is all lighted up. It is actually a Light and Sound show. It lasts for about an hour. I was not able to witness it myself as I visited in the morning but I can just imagine how magnificent it would look. Do not make my mistake. I suggest you visit in the evening so that you don’t miss the chance of seeing this beauty.

There are hotels nearby where you can see the fort clearly. Of course, they are very expensive as they provide such an exquisite view. Apart from hotels, when you are on the visit, locals might suggest some locations here and there where you can see the fort from far away. 

Kumbhalgarh as seen from far away!

I would definitely recommend visiting this fort when you visit Rajasthan. Even though you will have many options for forts in this beautiful historic state, but Kumbhalgarh really is one of a kind. 

Author Bio: This post was written by Pooja Mandal, who is a travel blogger at

14 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About Visiting Kumbhalgarh Fort in India

  1. There is so much history in old places like this. My mother’s side of the family also has many relatives in India, so my heritage is keyed to the sights and sounds and placed of old in India, Iran, and Pakistan.
    It is amazing that this place has so many temples and that its wall is grand! What a view from the top . . .
    Thanks so much for sharing this experience!


  2. Oh my goodness, what a stunning fort! I’m not sure I’d have the energy to climb all the way to the top but those views are amazing. India has been on my bucket list for years (tigers) but I might have to add this to it now too – thank you for sharing this guest post 🙂


  3. we are foreigners too living in india. travelling around, seeing so many beautiful landscapes and architectural building really impacted our views. for that, we are always grateful!!


  4. Such lovely pictures and a very informative writeup too! I’ll check out Pooja’s blog- thank you, Isobel for linking her website at the end of the post 🙂
    And of course, you have a lovely blog yourself! Can’t wait to read more posts! Cheers! 🙂


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