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12 Affordable Castle Hotels in Ireland

Whenever you go travelling, you will find that there is always accommodations that can suit the traveller’s budget, but nothing beats the experience of staying in a castle hotel – particular when you stay in one of these castle hotels in Ireland! The elegant rooms and intricate ornaments, matched with great service is enough to make you go wow what a perfect trip!

If you’ve always dreamed of sleeping in a castle hotel in Ireland then don’t worry you’re not alone! Stay in a castle hotel in Ireland is a bucket list worthy experience. I mean who wouldn’t want to feel like a King or Queen for the night? And luckily for you, if this is something which you would love to do, then you’ll pleased to know that Ireland has plenty of castles to stay in Ireland.

Many people think though, that staying in a castle hotel in Ireland is one that would be too expensive and although yes it’s not exactly cheap, there are plenty of castle hotels that are affordable and won’t break the bank (there are always ways to save money on your hotel room if you know a trick or two). You can still have that luxury experience, with the top of the line service, gourmet meals and unique things to do.

So if you are ready to have that royal Irish experience, then lets get out that money saved from your travel savings account and find the perfect castle hotel for you. Here are some of the more affordable castles to stay in Ireland! Hopefully you’ll find one that is absolutely perfect for you and you can add it to your list of castle hotels to stay in!

1. Cabra Castle Hotel

Image Credits:

Cabra Castle Hotel is probably one of the more affordable castle hotels in Ireland.

This is a 4-star castle hotel in Cavan that is situated in a quiet neighbourhood in Kingscourt. What makes this castle hotel different is that it is a mix and match of royalty and modern luxury.

Cabra Castle is one of the best known castle hotels in Ireland and it actually dates back to 1699! You can still find some of the ruins of the original castle as well, which just makes this staying over at this hotel a bit more special.

There are 12 main rooms in the castle itself, with additional accommodation options in the courtyard, gate lodge and in six charming cottages on the property. The price of the room will depend on the accommodation option that you decide to stay in. But every room creates an incredible experience and memories that you’ll cherish forever!

You will be able to experience the great staircase, the long hallways, and the countryside view from the patio and terrace.

There is also a bar and restaurant which serves fresh local foods!

  • Location: Cavan, A82 EC64, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €150 to €265 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: You can also get married at this castle (it is one of the best known wedding venues in Ireland)!

2. Ballynahinch Castle Hotel

This hotel castle is perfect for people who like going and exploring about their day. Set in 700 acres of woodland, rivers and walks, with the 12 Bens mountain range standing tall in the background, this is the perfect place to stay for someone who loves the idea of exploring in Ireland!

It’s a smaller Irish castle compared to some, with a total of 48 elegant rooms. But it really is a popular destination in Ireland for people who are outdoor enthusiasts. Aside from offering you the grand treatment, the castle also hosts activities like game bird hunting, pony riding, fly fishing, walking trails and cycling!

Ballynahinch Castle hotel is located along the Wild Atlantic Way in the West of Ireland, which makes this the perfect hotel to stay in if you are planning on touring this 2,500km (1,500 miles) of amazing driving routes from Donegal to Co. Cork. If you are driving this route, then make sure to check out the local attraction in Connemara including Killary Harb, Inesh Bofin, Sky Road and the Roundstone Village!

  • Location: Ballynahinch Castle Recess Connemara, Co. Galway H91 F4A7, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €280 to €420 per night, Lodges from €1300 and the Cottage from €1000
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun fact: The castle was once home to the notorious Irish pirate queen, Grace O’Malley.

3. Ballyseede Castle Hotel

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For anyone who is looking for a stunning castle hotel in Ireland with a unique twist, then Ballyseede Castle hotel is the perfect place for you! This is the only castle hotel in County Kerry, but just because it doesn’t have any competition doesn’t mean it is lacking in style. This is one of the top 4 star luxury castle hotels in Ireland and it is well worth a visit!

If you do decide to visit you will enjoy award-winning food, a relaxing and elegant atmosphere and a high service level that makes this castle hotel the perfect choice for families and couples looking to experience a stay in an elegant Irish history. Set on 30 acres of Irish woodland, the castle has 44 rooms, a resident Irish Wolfhound and a ghost – making this an experience that you won’t forget!

But don’t worry about the ghost. She’s known as Hilda and is apparently quite friendly. If you’re a person who is brave enough to stay in a truly haunted castle though, then you should check out these haunted castles in Scotland for a truly terrifying night that only the brave are happy to get involved in!

If you’d rather stick with a friendly ghost or are just curious (or brave enough) to sleep in this castle then you will be rewarded with 4 star luxury, with spacious rooms that have been lavishly decorated and grounds that are perfect for exploring during the day time!

  • Location: Ballyseede, Tralee, V92 VW30, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €163 to €238 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: The castle is haunted by the ghost of a woman known as Hilda; but don’t worry, she’s supposed to be quite friendly.

4. Waterford Castle Hotel

Image Credits: Wikipedia of Waterford Castle Hotel – By Nico Kaiser

If you fancy escaping the city for a little bit and want to spend a night or two enjoying fine dining, afternoon tea and the beauty of the surround nature, then Waterford Castle Hotel would be the perfect place for you!

This Irish castle is steeped in centuries of history, but with recent refurbishments you can still enjoy this luxury castle that also meets the highest standards. It’s the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of your busy life.

This is a castle that is probably more suited for couples than families though, due to the isolated location of it plus the romantic setting.

If this is a castle that you are interested to go, and think it would be the perfect romantic getaway, then it really could be perfect for you. You can enjoy travelling to this private island in River Suir and have the perfect time with your partner! dOn’t worry about how detached this castle is from the mainland, access to this private island is still very convenient!

  • Location: Waterford Castle Resort, The Island Co. Waterford, X91 Y722, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €180 to €480 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: There is a fairy called Eliza who loves to play with the island deer, but you’ll never see her! She lives in the woods and keeps a watchful eye on the castle!

5. Lough Eske Castle Hotel

Image Credit:

If you really want to stay in a place of luxury then Lough Eske Castle Hotel is the place for you. This is a 5 star hotel located at the foot of a mountain in Donegal and it is one that offers some incredible views!

The castle is actually a lakeside estate, located just outside Donegal town. It has been lovingly restored to become an award-winning hotel that embraces contemporary elegance and country charm.

Whether you want to take advantage of Country Donegal’s adventure activities, or are looking for a quiet and relaxing break, Lough Eske is the perfect castle hotel in Ireland for you!

Not only can you explore the wildest and prettiest parts of the country, Lough Eske Castle also has a renowned spa as well, meaning that you can indulge as well as relax.

You’ll find that the rooms are spacious and elegantly decorated. Plus this is a castle which is super dog friendly! So that is a huge added bonus!

If you are planning on exploring Donegal, then a stay at this castle hotel in Ireland is a must.

  • Location: Lough Eske Castle, Donegal Town, Co. Donegal,F94 HX59, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €350 to €472 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: This as a history dating back to the 1400s which includes being linked to the O’Donnell clan; the founding fathers of Donegal.

6. Kilkea Castle Hotel

Image Credits:

This is a castle that dates back to the 12th Century and is one of the oldest castle hotels in Ireland. Guests will surely feel like royalty once they step foot in this castle. It went through major renovations March 2017and was more than happy to claim its place as one of the most elegant castle hotels in Ireland.

This castle is only a 1-hour drive away from Dublin, so it’s perfect for people who exploring this area (it’s completely perfect if you’ve been visiting impressive castles near Dublin on your travels as well)! If you are after a quick weekend getaway though, then you can get a flight to Dublin, and make use of the castle’s airport transfer for its guests.

There are 140 bedrooms in this castle, so it will fit any type of budget – which is what makes this castle hotel so perfect for people!

Not only can you spend the night here and relax, the castle hotel also does weddings, family gatherings, and corporate retreats. You can enjoy yourself here and go golfing, horseback riding, archery, falconry, plus so many more experiences at this castle hotel!

  • Location: Kilkea Castle, Kilkea Demesne, Castledermot, Co. Kildare R14 XE97
  • Price: Rooms start at €138 to €333 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: This castle is one of the oldest continuously inhabited castles in Ireland.

7. Markree Castle Hotel

Image Credits: Wikipedia of Markree Castle Hotel: By The original uploader was Suckindiesel at English Wikipedia

If you are looking for the perfect romantic weekend, then Markree Castle Hotel should be next on your list. This is a 7th Century authentic Irish castle that is located in Sligo, this is a castle that has a rustic feels that you don’t want to miss. So why not pack your bags and go enjoy this castle for a little weekend getaway!

Markree Castle is a place to be inspired, to reflect, to recharge and reconnect. One of the largest privately-owned castles in Ireland, Markree Castle stands on a secluded 500-acre estate in the scenic north-west of Ireland.You can explore the mature trees, manicured gardens and even the River Unshin that flows through the castle estate.

You can wander through the castle and enjoy the blazing fire in the Grand Hall with your partner, along with the period features and furnishings which help create the authentic, old-wold charm.

If you want a castle where you can sit back and relax, then Markree Castle Hotel should be right up your street!

  • Location: Markree Castle, Collooney, Co. Sligo, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €195 to €390 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: In the 1830s the Observatory on the grounds of the Castle had the largest refracting telescope in the world, and what today is known as the asteroid 9 Metis was discovered there in the 1840s by the Coopers’ observatory staff.

8. Ashford Castle Hotel

Image Credits: Wikipedia of Ashford Castle Hotel – By Ericci8996

This is a castle that dozens of famous and notable guests have stayed at over the years, including Oscar Wilde, The Beatles, Brad Pitt and various Royalty – it is clearly a popular place, and one that offers one of the best experiences out there.

Not only is this a stay that is located on a stunning 350-acre estate on the west coast of Ireland. The castle rooms are also equipped with he vastest technology for an advanced comfort – for example the bathrooms have underfloor heating. Wilde’s restaurant is also perfect for guests who share the same passion for food.

Here, guests can enjoy a six-course meal prepared from fresh local and seasonal ingredients. The hotel is only a 40-minute drive from Galway and it is considered one of the best places to stay in town too.

  • Location: Ashford Castle Drive, Leaf Island, Cong, Co. Galway, F31CA48, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €415 to €675 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: You will have a unique opportunity to meet the flagbearers of traditional Irish culture at this castle!

9. Kinnitty Castle Hotel

Image Credit:

This is a gothic castle that dates from 1209 and is located at the foot of Slieve Bloom Mountains. Unfortunately, the castle we see today was actually built in 1928 though, as the castle has been destroyed and burned down since 1213. Despite its violent past though, Kinnitty Castle is stilled considered one of the most luxurious castle hotels in Ireland.

There are 37 bedrooms, at a reasonable price, that are all modernly equipped but with reminiscent of the castles medieval history. You can relax by one of the many open fireplaces, enjoy a delicious meal or grab a drink in the Library Bar with your friends and loved ones.

You can arrive up the winding avenue, opening into breathtaking views of the 13th century castle seated on 650 acres of parkland, inclusive of 60 acres of rolling lawns. Enter the lavish medieval revival castle, drenched in original features, heritage colours and regal atmospheres dating back to 1209.

Without a doubt, Kinnitty Castle is one of the most regal castle hotels in Ireland.

  • Location: Kinnitty Castle Hotel, Kinnitty, Birr, Co. Offaly, R42 CY50, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €139 to €239 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: The first castle at Kinnitty was destroyed in 1209 and was rebuilt by the Normans in 1213. During that period an Augustinian abbey (St Finnian’s) was established near the castle, of which the famous High Cross and Abbey Wall still remain.

10. Lough Rynn Castle Hotel

Image Credits:

Compared to other castle hotels in Ireland, Lough Rynn Castle hotel is fairly modern as it was built in the 19th century. But just because it may not be one of the most historic castle hotel in Ireland, it has certainly made a name for itself among Ireland’s famous castle hotels.

The rooms still have the original decorations of the castles preserved, but it does have the modern things, such as additional air conditioning, wifi connection, and another state of the art technology for comfort.

Combining ancient design to modern innovation, this is a castle where you can really relax and have a good time. Not only is this property home to an award-winning kitchen, but it is also well known for its stunning walled gardens as well, so you can enjoy a pleasant stroll outside at your own leisure.

  • Location: Lough Rynn Castle Estate & Gardens, Mohill, Co Leitrim, N41 WE16, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €183 to €213 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: The area was first settled by Druids during prehistoric times when the areas near the lake were used as a burial ground around 1500 B.C. The first reference to other residents did not take place until the 12th century when the Mac Ragnaill clan built a castle here.

11. Castle Leslie Estate

Image Credits:

If you are planning on taking your family with you on your next travel adventure, then Castle Leslie Estate would be the perfect place to take them.

This historic Irish Castle Hotel has been in the Leslie family since the 1600s, and they have welcomed politicians, poets, ambassadors, celebrities and castle lovers from all around the world to their stunning 1000-acre estate!

If you do decide to visit this castle hotel, then you will get to enjoy the original interiors, idyllic landscapes, and true Irish hospitality which is why this castle is one of the most perfect picks for those looking for a castle hotel in Ireland.

This is just 80 minutes from Dublin and 60 minutes from Belfast, yet a million miles from anywhere!

The Estate offers an idyllic setting for outdoor activity and adventure. It’s the perfect place to discover the thrill of exploring the countryside on horseback or foot. You can spend a few hours fishing on one of Ireland’s best-preserved lakes.

Alternatively, you might prefer to enjoy a massage in the Victorian Treatment Rooms at the end of an activity packed day or relax with a book in one of our many beautiful rooms in the Castle or the Lodge.

  • Location: Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €268 to €697 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: The Leslie Family can trace its ancestry back to Atilla the Hun!

12. Castlemartyr Resort

Image Credits:

The final castle hotel on this list is the Castlemartyr Resort… which technically isn’t an Irish castle hotel like the rest in this list, it’s actually a Manor House. But with a history dating back to the Templar Knights, it deserves a spot on this list.

If you are looking for the Irish fairytale experience with more of a modern twist then this is the place for you!

The Manor House dates back to the 18th century and offers 5-star luxury with old world charm. There are 103 rooms as well as some self-catering options, so there is plenty for everyone with every budget.

  • Location: Castlemartyr, P25 X300 Co. Cork, Ireland
  • Price: Rooms start at €244 per night
  • How to Book: For the latest rate, click here

Fun Fact: The castle from which the village of Castlemartyr takes its name was first built in 1210 by The Knights Templar, who were one of the most famous of the Christian military orders under the leadership of Richard Earl de Clare, more commonly known as Strongbow!

Being able to stay in a castle hotel is a dream for many, and while it may not be the cheapest accommodation option, it can be affordable. While some of the castles on this list are definitely high-end luxury, they don’t all have a massive price tag meaning you can live out your fairytale fantasy in a magical Irish castle hotel.

Will you be staying in a castle hotel in Ireland at some point in the future? If not, which castle did you think have the best fun fact?

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