How Can I Keep My Disabled Dog Comfortable While Traveling? 

How do you travel with a disabled dog? Is this weighing heavy on your mind? If so, you have landed in the right place. We’ll tell you how to travel with your disabled dog keeping them perfectly comfortable during the journey.

Dogs are playful in nature and they take care of their owners in many different ways. However, they may become disabled due to accidents, spine disorders, chronic illnesses, or injuries. If you have a disabled dog, you must take some extra care to keep it comfortable in different situations. 

Here’s how you can travel with your disabled dog without having your dog feel stressed or uncomfortable. 

Traveling By Cars

Traveling with a pet is easier in a car than on a flight. As there is no restriction to fit into a given place as in the case of a flight, the dog will find it less strenuous too. However, as a dog owner, you must keep some items handy to keep your dog comfortable while traveling by car. 

The first thing to remember while traveling with a disabled pet is that you must know how to keep a dog calm on a long car ride. Although it is challenging, it is not too tough to do if you follow a few rules. 

So you’re probably asking, “How can I make my dog more comfortable on a road trip? How do I keep it calm when it is so restless?”

Do not let your dog roam freely when it is in a moving car. Rather, secure them so that they feel comfortable and you have no problems while driving the car. 

Take enough water for the dog and let it pee every two to three hours.

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How Often To Stop On A Road Trip With A Dog?

While it is common to find that your dog feels uncomfortable while on a long ride, you can cut short your journey every three hours. 

Making stops every 3 hours on your journey will help your dog feel more comfortable. 

Allow your dog to get out of the car during these breaks. It will feel refreshed and ready for the next part of the journey. 

Dogs usually like to have stuff that smells like home. So, do not forget to pick a pillow or piece of cloth that smells like home. It will not only make the dog feel at home but will also make them feel calm and comfortable while on a long car journey. 

Taking a pillow while traveling is also helpful to let the dog sleep if it wants to. This is applicable especially if you are on a road trip with a senior dog. You can also take a blanket so if the dog wants to sleep, it can do so comfortably inside the car. 

Remember to take along some treats. If your dog is not very old, taking some toys that your dog loves can also come in handy. It will keep them entertained while making it relaxed and comfortable. 

Do not forget to take some food for the dog for the journey. Check out some human foods that dogs can eat so that both you and your dog stay energetic, nourished, and hydrated during the journey. For example, coconut makes a great travel snack. But can dogs eat coconut? Without a doubt!

Lastly, remember to take the first aid box with you in case of injuries while you are on the journey. It is important to keep an eye on your dog, but do not let it distract your attention from driving. It is usually helpful to have someone else in the car to look after a disabled dog, but if you don’t have anyone, taking care of the dog as mentioned above should suffice. 

When on a journey with a disabled dog, keep it refreshed and lively instead of bored and exhausted. Dog car comfort should be your priority while traveling if your dog is paralyzed or disabled. 

Traveling on a Flight

How do you travel with a disabled dog by air?

Unlike car journeys, traveling on a flight with a dog is a challenge for most dog owners as there are often restrictions in terms of placement. There is no problem if the dog is small because it can be carried with the owner on board and placed under the seat. However, if the dog is mature and large, there may be some restrictions that won’t suit a disabled dog well enough.

The first thing about air travel for pets is that they must fit into a carrier. So, while it is easy for dogs of certain sizes, it is hard for dogs that are big or giant sized. Even when a dog’s carrier is big enough, it may not have sufficient room for movement. 

Many airlines allow passenger pet carriers, but they should be well ventilated and must fit the sizes allowed by the airline. 

Airlines usually carry larger pets in a cargo hold, but size restrictions apply here too. Therefore, while it seems like a good idea to quickly transport disabled dogs via flight, restrictions of various kinds obstruct the situation palpably. Your dog may be stressed as it is likely to be kept away from you for hours.

Many airlines also ask for a veterinary certificate of the dog’s health. Therefore, if your dog is suffering from certain diseases that cause it to be disabled, it may not be allowed to travel. That is one of the biggest challenges that dog owners face while planning a journey with a disabled dog.

So how do you travel with a disabled dog? Many people prefer domestic flight journeys that are easier than international flights as the duration is shorter. Moreover, domestic flights often have fewer restrictions than international ones.  However, it is better to check the restrictions that are in place well in advance. 

Remember, you will be allowed to meet your dog only after the journey has ended. So, if you prefer to keep the dog near you while you travel, airplane journey may not be a good option for you.

Hotels For Disabled Dogs

Organizing hotels for a stay with a disabled dog is another challenge for dog owners. Many hotels do not allow pets and those that do have restrictions in place. Some hotels allow only certain breeds of dogs, while others charge a fee for dogs. So, it is wise to plan a hotel stay with a disabled dog in advance. Fortunately, there are a few hotels that allow pets in almost all cities.

Dogs also need enough space to move around. If your dog is disabled, it may need ramps and extra aisle space to be able to move around in a wheelchair. Many hotels have insufficient floor space though they allow pets. You should also pre-check the size of the room you want to stay in with your dog. 

If you choose a vacation rental and not a hotel to stay with your pet, do check if the rental has wheelchair service. Most rental owners allow pets but they do not have wheelchair access. 

To ease your hunt for pet-friendly hotels, check out pet travel sites online and explore the options available in various cities.

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Like humans, dogs may need some special care sometimes. If it is paralyzed or disabled for some reason, you must impart your duty as a true dog lover. Ensure that along with the appropriate treatment, your dog receives the extra cuddles, comfort, and care it deserves.

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