5 Reasons Why You Should Go Glamping

Everyone is a fan of being at one with nature, seeing the world from a different perspective and just getting away from their every day life. But not everyone is a fan of sleeping in tents and to be honest, you either love camping or you don’t! Sure, you might find that if you plan a family camping trip just right, you’ll have the best experience, but sometimes, knowing that you will be sleeping in a real bed, can just help make your trip that little bit better!

It’s completely up to you whether you decide to go camping or glamping. One is a bit more luxurious and the other is a way that can help you really connect with the great outdoors. Both have their perks and limitations. Depending on what sort of holiday you are after, you might find that glamping offers you the chance to completely relax, whilst also getting to enjoy nature.

You will probably find that glamping does cost a bit more than just pitching up a tent, but it certainly saves you time on trying to figure out which pole goes where, and did you remain to pin it in place. I love camping, but only when the weather is good, and I can see why some people prefer glamping over camping. You still get to enjoy that sleeping under the stairs experience, without the stuffy sleeping bag.

So here’s to the experience. A literal combination of the term “glamourous camping”, it’s a luxurious way of getting into the great outdoors, whilst also keeping the comforts of your home! Here’s are the ten reason why you should go glamping on your next trip (if I haven’t already persuaded you)!

1. Experience Nature Whilst Glamping

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Some people think that when you go glamping you miss out on that real experience of connecting with nature, but this is an opportunity which you can still experience. There are many different kind of glamping experience, and you can limit yourself to what you go after – a simple pod in the middle of nowhere isn’t going to stop you from experiencing nature and neither is a shepherd’s hut that so many people love to stay in!

Unlike staying in a hotel or B&B, there’s no comparison to being out in the wild experience nature like you can when you go glamping. Glamping and being outdoors gives you that sense of freedom that you don’t find with other holidays, without the stress of pitching a tent and being bitten to death by bugs.

You can still switch that computer off and live off the grid if you want to when you go glamping, but if you aren’t ready to completely shut off, you can at least have some down time, even if you do bring your phone with you. Besides, there’s no issue with keeping a fully charged phone with you anyway, you never know when you might need it and even with a phone, you can still enjoy nature!

2. Glamping is Comfortable

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When you go glamping, you’re “roughing it” without the “rough” part. Forget the tent that you need to crawl into, forget the hard flooring you need to sleep on, and forget about having the lack of space to stand up and stretch! When you go glamping, you can step into that tall canvas tent and enjoy the extra space you get, whilst enjoying the incredible view you will probably have right on your doorstep!

You don’t have to worry about zipping in and out of tents, struggling to put your shoes on to avoid the wet muddy ground, or dealing with the less than ideal bathroom situation – all things that can become a bit of a problem for many and could lead to a stressful time! Instead, you can enjoy your glamping trip as you sleep on a real bed, have space to spread out vertically and horizontally, whilst also being able to relax.

What better reason to go on a glamping holiday then to just be able to relax? You can go enjoy nature, sit in a comfortable chair and also have an electrical socket on hand should you need it. The decision is completely up to you, but it’s good to have that option. You’ll regret not having that option should a situation arise where you might need it – so it’s always better to be prepared and know that there is a solution to any problem you might have.

3. You Can Still Enjoy the Location Whilst Glamping

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Glamping does not mean that you are unable to enjoy nature like you would if you were to go camping. Sure you can’t move tent a little bit to the left, but most glamping sites have been created to give you the optimum experience, meaning that you can enjoy the location without a second thoughts!

Just think, unlike when you stay in a hotel or resort, you could wake up every morning and just be steps away from a private beach, or maybe even being steps away from being deep in the mountain range overlooking a serene alpine lake. As soon as you walk out of you “room” when you go glamping, you can immerse yourself in nature and get to truly enjoy the location, without putting yourself in an uncomfortable position.

You also get a whole host of locations on offer to you when you go glamping, so you will always find something that is perfect for every person going on your trip. From beaches and deserts to mountain landscapes and wooded retreats, glamping is an ideal way to get back into nature and appreciate its beauty. As soon as you step out of your comfy “room”, you’re immersed in nature. It’s essential an adventure that meets luxury, and it really doesn’t get better than that!

4. Glamping Doesn’t Break the Bank

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People always assume that because glamping is considered as a luxury compared to normal camping that it’s expensive, and whilst it’s true that you could pay some big bucks for some glamping experiences (as you would with any hotel you might stay in depending on location, size etc), most tents, yurts, teepees or cabins that you stay really aren’t going to break the bank and you’ll probably find them a lot cheaper than most hotels anyway!

Besides, you’ll also be happy knowing that you are supporting small or local businesses when you go glamping, just like you would if you were to use an AirBnB or VRBO. It’s always nice knowing that you would helped make someone’s day and you eliminate the overhead of a large resort property and directly support the local community or economy – which is a win win really, and something that you can’t complain about!

Glamping is also the perfect way to have an affordable family experience, sure you could stay in one of these affordable castles in Ireland, but that’s a totally different experience compared to glamping! Not just because you can save money on travelling to the glamping site (assuming you are enjoying a staycation), but because it’s a good alternative to travelling abroad with less travel time, reduced travel fees and often cheaper activities whilst you are there.

5. You Don’t Have to Be a Glamping Expert

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Camping is never as straightforward as you would have first though, and can often cause plenty of drama instead of creating a relaxing holiday environment. You might just think that all you need is a tent, food and sleeping bags when you go off camping in the woods, but there’s a lot more to it then that. Luckily when you decide to go glamping, you really don’t need to be an expert, and you can enjoy your glamping trip with only a little preparation.

Depending on how long you are going for, if you were camping you would have to factor in so many factors – what if it rains, do you have enough food, do you have space for that one extra item? When it comes to glamping, there’s no additional equipment required. You don’t need to bring a cookstove, nor do you need perfect scout skills. Sure you might still decide to go for a hike on your glamping trip, but that’s completely up to you.

What you decide to do on your glamping trip is a decision that you can make yourself. You can still go off the grid for a few days if you want, or you can just show up and create some amazing memories with your friends, family and loved ones. You can sit back and enjoy the simplicity of being outdoors for a couple of days if that’s all you want to do. No one said you need to start making fires from scratch or collecting your own food.

You can do what you want on your glamping trip (within reason of course), you don’t have to worry about packing several items nor do you need to worry about breaking the bank! If you are worried about money on your travels though, then you could check out these tips here on how to save money while travelling, but you really don’t have much to worry about when you go on a glamping trip.

Just remember to go out and have fun, create new memories, laugh out loud and enjoy yourself! Being able to travel safely, to a camp site, glamp site, hotel or wherever is something that can create the best experiences, so it’s important to fully enjoy them and appreciate these moments when you can!

So there you have it five reasons why you should go glamping! There are so many other reasons why but I’ll just leave it at five. My question to you dear reader though, is do you prefer camping or glamping and why?

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Go Glamping

    1. There’s just something nicer about glamping (although camping can be fun, but I know I need to have the good weather if I do go camping haha) – but it’s all an enjoyable experience 😀


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