Beaumaris Castle

Built: 1295 (but never completed)

Location: Castle St, Beaumaris LL58 8AP

History: Building for it began in 1295, it was the last and largest of the castles built by King Edward I (1272-1307) in north Wales.

Review: This castle is very well preserved and well presented.

The first viewing I had of this castle was when I was walking along the road, with the moat on the one side of me and it was a spectacular view.

From the ticket office, the south side of the castle leads to the modern timber bridge across the moat – giving you access to one of the most beautiful castles by far.

You can really feel the history that took place at this castle – probably because of how well preserved it is. You can feel yourself actually living in this castle because of the numerous passageways, the spiral staircases and even being able to walk along the top and take in the views.

What was a really striking feature with this castle, is the chapel. This room is certainly a highlight, even devoid of its medieval colour and fittings. It is a simply breath-taking room, very simply designed and quite an overpowering place, one that you can really feel as though a church service would take place at any moment.

This castle is perfect for people looking for a family trip out (or by yourself if that’s what you wanted to do). There is a huge patch of grass within the castle walls that children can run about on and what’s more is the secret rooms and long passageways are sure to bring a sense of fun as you explore every inch. It would be easy to spend a good couple of hours here, there is a lot to take in and it truly is a beautiful castle, partly because of how it was designed, even if it was never completed.

The town itself is lovely if you are in need of some extra entertainment. There is plenty of exploring to be done and hopefully, when the sun makes an appearance, an ice-cream might be near to hand to finish off your day of exploration.

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