Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – Film Review

Title: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Age: 12A

Released: 14th June 1991

Director: Kevin Reynolds

Genre: Romance, Drama, Historical

Rating: **** (4/5 stars)

About: Nobleman crusader Robin of Locksley (Kevin Costner) breaks out of a Jerusalem prison with the help of Moorish fellow prisoner Azeem (Morgan Freeman) and travels back home to England. But upon arrival he discovers his dead father in the ruins of his family estate, killed by the vicious sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman). Robin and Azeem join forces with outlaws Little John (Nick Brimble) and Will Scarlett (Christian Slater) to save the kingdom from the sheriff’s villainy.

Review: This film is just awesome.

Admittedly, I feel like this film is one of my guilty pleasures because I could just watch it whenever.

It’s a fun film as well – I mean besides some of the death scences.

The storyline is easy to follow – and is adapted to an extent. It still is another Robin Hood film though, so don’t expect anything really exciting and new about it. However, saying that I think it’s still one of the best ones. Mainly, because I really like all the actors in it.

Firstly, you have Kevin Costner, who’s accent may seem a little strange at first but this is the only problem that I really have with him to be fair. I thought he had a great relationship on screen with others and then his fighting skills were decent enough. He was cheeky enough when it came to Marion and I really liked the two of them together.

The only issue I can see with the two of them together is the fact that  ‘she fell in love’ with him when she saw his naked arse? Who knows though, it just seemed a little strange. But then maybe that was just the character of Marion – who I felt was really rather sweet and couragous. She knows what she wants and she has a good idea on life. Admittedly, she is portrayed as the damsel in distress – what with the horrible situaiton she is put in by the Sheriff of Nottingham. But she at least strives through, and it is obvious that she is just a lovely person.

This brings me on to the Sheriff of Nottingham – Alan Rickman is just amazing in this character, he brings in just the right amount of humourous acting, and he can still be taken in as a serious character. I thought he was just brilliant in this film (and every other film he was in to be honest).

There is also a good message involving the character of Azeem played by Morgan Freeman, which although seems to have hurtful jabs at him such as calling him the ‘painted man’, the film does in the end convey the message of acceptance. One in which no judges him anymore.

There is just the right amount of drama, fighting, love and friendship in this film that it really will make you smile. Even if you think that this film is just either too over the top, or annoying – I still think that you’ll find it enjoyable.

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