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Kedleston Hall

Built: 1759 (construction started)

Location: Derby DE22 5JH

History: Kedleston Hall is an English country house in Kedleston and is the seat of the Curzon family.

Today it is a National Trust property.

The Curzon family have been in Kedleston since at least 1297, and have lived in a succession of manor houses near to or on the site of the present Kedleston Hall.

The present house was commissioned by Sir Nathaniel Curzon (later 1st Baron Scarsdale) in 1759. The house was designed by the Palladian architects James Paine and Matthew Brettingham and was loosely based on an original plan by Andrea Palladio for the never-built Villa Mocenigo.

Review: So since my first visit to this place, I’ve actually come back several times.

I absolutely love it here and so does my boyfriend, Luke.

It was actually here that we signed up to be National Trust Members. This is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made together.

It’s really easy to get to as well, so I know we’ll definitely be going back again.

As with any Stately home, the road up to it is quite long, but this just gives you loads of time to take in the house itself.

Look How Huge This Place Is!

This place is massive! There is so much parking though, so you won’t have to worry about finding a spot for your car.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I first came to this place. But I really really loved it.

You go in at the bottom of the house, which is probably the servant’s door or something.

The first room you go into is dark and the ceilings are low.

If you have a backpack, then there are lockers available (as they don’t want big bulky bags in the house, in case you accidentally knock something over).

This room is a little underwhelming, but don’t let that put you off.

You go off through a door to the right and then go up some stairs. I just remember thinking this is okay – it’s just a normal house. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Just wait until you go up the stairs and into the next room – it literally took my breath away.

Just Look At This Room!

This room is huge, and I mean huge.

Luke and I literally stood there for ten minutes just taking it all in. Honestly, it was so amazing.

You can’t walk in the middle of the room though, which is a shame. But it makes total sense.

There’s a board on the other side of the room (which you’ll get to when you walk through the house, which explains what’s happening to the floor and why you can’t walk across it.

This isn’t the only impressive room in the house, there are loads of rooms that are just spectacular.

Honestly, if you’ve never been then you need to go ASAP!

This house wasn’t built for someone to live in, it was built to impress people. For the owner to show off his wealth and power.

Kedleston is a place of power and status. People went there for parties and fun.

It’s not just the house that’s impressive though either – you got all the grounds outside to enjoy as well.

So Much Space!

Look at how much space there is! You can easily bring a blanket or a few chairs with you and have a great picnic!

You can even just grab a deck chair to sit on as well. That’s what Luke and I did. I think we picked a perfect spot as well. We weren’t surrounded by many people and it just felt like it was the two of us.

We will definitely be coming back in the Summer!

25 thoughts on “Kedleston Hall

  1. This place was amazing and even better to spend it with my girlfriend, I can’t wait to go back to it in the summer. I am so glad we joined the National Trust. A fantastic experience x

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  2. Wow, it always blows my mind when I think that individual people/ families used to live in these places. It looks incredible and sounds like a great day out. That room is something else. I’m glad you guys had a good time! x


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love learning about all the history in these places and I’m the exact same – always blows my mind when I think about the people who lived in those places (and I always get just a little bit jealous haha!) x


  3. I’m ashamed to say, as a Derbyshire man I’ve never been to Kedleston Hall. My brother lives less than 5 minutes away, I’ve just never got round to it for some reason, and I do enjoy a castle/hall/abbey trip.

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