Daughter of Fire and Ice by Marie-Louise Jensen – Book Review

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Title: Daughter of Fire and Ice (you can Buy on Amazon here)

Author: Marie-Louise Jensen

Published: 6th January 2010

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Genre: History, Romance

Pages: 336

Format: E-Book

Rating: ***** (5/5 Stars)

About: Following an attack on her family, fifteen-year-old Thora is enslaved by a brutish Viking chieftain, Bjorn Svanson. A healer and a midwife, Thora is valuable. She also has visions of the future . . . and in one she foresees Svanson’s death. When her prediction becomes reality, Thora recognizes that another of Svanson’s slaves is a man she has seen before-a man from recurrent visions who is destined to be part of her future.

Assuming Svanson’s identity, the slave and Thora use the dead man’s ships to escape. Their destination is Iceland, the then uncharted ‘land of fire and ice’. To succeed they must first win over Svanson’s crew, and their journey is fraught with hardship and danger.

But their troubles are only just beginning. Soon, newcomers are among them and someone is stealing from Thora’s medicines to cause terrible harm. Under suspicion herself, can Thora unmask the real culprit and clear her name?

And can Thora and the man now known as Bjorn ever really hope that their pasts won’t catch up with them?

Review: Okay I’m probably incredibly bias when it comes to reviewing any books by Marie-Louise Jensen because I absolutely adore ALL of her work (I mean just check out my review of her book The Lady in the Tower here – such a great book, by the way, I highly recommend it)!

I haven’t read her books in a while though, but recently I just wanted to experience the same love and appreciate I’ve had with all of her books that I’ve read.

I forgot how good this book actually is though.

I mean there’s a reason why I gave it 5 stars. I just wish that more people who love historical romances had actually read this book!

This novel is set in Norway and Iceland, and it takes you on a terrific tale of voyage and adventure.

As with all of Jensen’s books, you get sucked into the story straight away. Early on you get thrown two major surprises and this is what sets the story.

I know that this is classed as a teen novel, but honestly, I think that all ages will be able to enjoy this book and I think this is due to Jensen’s skill as a writer.

Her writing is absolutely wonderful. She is able to vividly describe the Icelandic landscape (as this is where the book is set) and make you believe that you are right there with Thora (the main character) and the other settlers.

I love that you can also tell how much attention to detail that Jensen has put into this book. Her knowledge about village life and the interactions between settlers was written perfectly!

The historical element seems so realistic and although this isn’t a period of history that I know a lot about (I mean all I really know is things shown on TV shows like Vikings), I feel like I learned a lot.

Things like Norse mythology and the way a typical day was run was absolutely fascinating to read about.

This is honestly such an enjoyable read and I cannot recommend it enough!

P.s. Marie Louise Jensen is you are reading this, please, please, please write another book!

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  1. Sounds interesting! I’ve been looking for more books to add to my reading list, so thank you!


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