Dog Days – Film Review

Title: Dog Days

Age: 12

Released: 10th August 2018

Director: Ken Marino

Genre: Romance, Drama

Rating: **** (4/5 stars)

About: Elizabeth is a charming anchorwoman who seeks advice from her dog’s therapist. Tara is a spunky barista who dreams of a life beyond the coffee shop. Daisy is a dog walker who’s enamoured with a client. Garrett pines for a woman while trying to keep his adopt-a-dog business afloat. The beloved canines in their lives soon start to influence their careers, friendships and romantic relationships in funny and unexpected ways.

Review: Okay, I’ve just finished this film and I’m in tears. But don’t worry, I’m not crying for any bad reasons, I just really liked this film.

It’s so cute and so heart warming.

Oh it’s such a good film. It’s easy to watch and has dogs in it (big shocker here haha!), so what’s not to love?

I’ve seen this film on Netflix for a while now, but I never got around to it. I don’t know why, but I just never felt like clicking the play button. How I wish that I had watched this sooner.

It’s a very simple storyline, but I love that the character’s storylines cross over at certain points, it reminds me of Love Actually (which is an absolutely fantastic film).

I feel like this film is the dog lovers equivalent of Love Actually if I’m being honest. If you own or have ever owned a dog in your life – then you will certainly enjoy this!

It is a cheesy feel good film, it’s definitely a rom-com with some cute/funny moments in it. There are some cringe moments as well, but also sentimental ones and overall I just loved it.

If you want a feel good family film then you need to watch this.

Just be prepared, as if you are anything like me, there are a couple scenes where you might find yourself tearing up at.

I’m not sure how believable the storyline is, but that doesn’t really bother me.

You’ve got a great cast (people and dogs!), some cute moments and a happy ending, so it’s pretty much an ideal watch for anyone interested in a light hearted feel good film.

If you haven’t seen it before, I hope you give it a go and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Dog Days – Film Review

  1. I looked at this on Netflix as well and for some reason I just went straight past it. now, that I’ve read your review I will watch it now because from what you’re saying it looks like a really good film. Thanks for sharing this film with us 😁 xx

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  2. Oooh I have never seen Dog Days before. I always love seeing how pets can bring people together, and I mean literally! This is one of those classic movies that melts people’s hearts. I haven’t seen it before, but I know I would enjoy it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this movie!

    Nancy ♥

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