Well what can I say, after yesterday’s announcement from Boris Johnson, it sounds like we are that much closer to this all being over, and that is just such a happy feeling.

I know that plenty of my friends are excited about pubs reopening on the 4th July, social distancing being dropped to one metre plus (meaning that two metres is preferred if it is possible, something which I worry people will ignore) and to just have common sense. I don’t think I will personally be going to the pub for a while, but that’s just me.

I do have some more thoughts about this, but I won’t go into that.

The main thing is that we are closer to the world getting back to normal, and this is a great achievement.

A lot of people’s lives have been put on hold, families and friends have been separated, holidays cancelled, life has changed for everybody. But we’re all in this together, we just have to keep on pushing to get through this and we will get through this.

So just remember:

“We are one day closer to everything going back to normal again” – Unknown

Now that is a quote that I love!

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  1. It is a nice feeling. I think plenty of common sense is still needed, and the worry is so many people don’t have any.

    I’m not rushing out to the pub or anywhere crowded anytime soon, but i will be seeing family.

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