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Guide to Scuba Diving in Andaman

Scuba diving is an underwater diving practice done by the divers by applying different kinds of equipment for breathing and to help swimming deep into the oceans or seas. Nowadays, Scuba diving is quite famous around the world. With several stunning places to go to enjoy this activity.

One of the most famous (and one that provides the best underwater views) is in Andaman and luckily you will easily be able to enjoy this. There is an Andaman and Nicobar tour that would be more than happy to take you on this journey to explore under the water.

Just make sure that you are happy and comfortable going under the water. If you have not been scuba diving before, then it would be a good idea to take a few lessons and feel comfortable with all the equipment whilst you go underwater. You can easily do a few lessons, and afterwards you’ll find super confident going under the water and can enjoy scuba diving fully.

Scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar has gained more importance nowadays. Scuba Diving is now known to be a popular water game globally, and the Andaman Islands aren’t untouched by that. It has attracted many tourists worldwide to get the incredible experience of sea life and its rich biodiversity. Sea has diverse species that have indeed got researchers and scientists’ attention to explore underwater sea life by scuba diving.

The underwater coastal belts of Andaman are extended to several hundreds of meters with Thousands and Millions of underwater sea species. The entire, alive corals house many of the world’s most vibrant fishes and sea-dwellers that pop out from the blue ocean and give a pretty scene around the diver.

Under the protection of the Andaman Administration, the corals and fish are plentiful and sometimes enclose the diver from all directions, leaving the diver in awe and surprise.

Such beauty in our own country, come and experience the adventurous underwater scuba diving here and create some of the best memories of life. 

Best places to experience the best Scuba diving in Andaman

  1. Havelock Island
  2. North Bay Island
  3. Neil Island
  4. Port Blair
  5. Barren island

1. Diving in Havelock Island:

The trip to Andaman is incomplete without scuba diving in Havelock. Havelock will give you the thrills of seeing white sandy beaches, lagoons, various octopuses, sea horses, coral reefs, and many more. Diving in Havelock will leave an unforgettable moment in one’s life.

Essential facts about the dive:

Water Depth: Less than 20 meter

Distance to the Dive Sites: 2 hours while travelling by boat

Diving Instructors: Available

Safety Measures: Strongly followed

Medical Emergency Facilities: Available

Can it be reached by Road to the spot: yes

Do the travelers have the liability for selecting their packages according to their choice: Yes.

We strongly recommend the newly visited tourists to begin from the Nemo reef. Nemo reef provides the divers one of the best points of diving to get the best diving experience. 

One cannot keep their attention away from the fantastic view of the underwater sea life ranging from small fishes to big ones, octopus, coral reefs, and many during the diving session. The proper mix of clear waters and tide currents makes your dive specifically stress-free and safe.

Top Places for Scuba Diving in Havelock Island:

There are all nine topmost locations for diving on this island, and we have listed them below:

 1. Barracuda City:

As for the beginners, it is safe to dive into the Barracuda City spot to gain the first time experience. The perfect mixture of both soft and hard coral reefs makes it unique from the others in a true sense. The spot serves the travelers with a fantastic view of hundreds and thousands of vibrant and colorful small and big fishes, sea turtles, etc.  

2. Seduction Point:

Seduction Point is blessed with its specialty. It makes it unique because of the following reasons:

  • Shallow water
  • The abundance of Hard Staghorn Corals
  • Napoleons 
  • Massive underwater Rock

3. Aquarium:

The Aquarium spot can be found at a distance of just 3kms from Elephant Beach. The specialty of this spot are :

  • Presence of fringing reefs
  • Presence of multicolored fish rallies.
  • Hard corals
  • Shallow water
  • A clear view of the marine ecosystem
  • Safe for the Beginners

4. Turtle Bay:

The name itself steals the attention of the people.

The specialty of this spot are:

  • A large amount of Sea Turtles
  • A large number of Coral reefs.
  • Presence of StingRays.
  • Depth is not above 14 m 
  • Safe for the Beginners

5. Mac Point:

This spot is very popular among divers. The specialty of this spot are:

  • Good communication with Boats
  • Presence of Hard Coral reefs
  • Presence of the capital animal of Andaman: Dugong(also known to be as Sea Cow)  

6. Lighthouse:

Lighthouse near an ocean has always represented the beautiful vive of the Oceanic environment.

This spot is present beside the shallow waters of Havelock Island. The specialty of this spot are:

  • Presence of beautiful Fishes
  • Presence of both Hard and soft corals
  • Great clarity of the water
  • Allows the divers to dive at night too

7. The Wall:

The specialty of this spot are :

  • Presence of a massive underwater rock at a depth of 56 meters.
  • Presence of Soft corals over the rock
  • Fantastic view of the underwater 
  • Divers choose this spot to have a unique experience

8. Pilot Reef:

The specialty of this spot are:

  • Presence of an underground canyon 
  • The depth of the canyon is 24m 
  • Presence of vast quantities of Fishes, Corals and most importantly Whitetip Sharks
  • Especially recommended for the experienced divers

9. Minerva Bridge:

Minerva Bridge is best known for its :

  • Presence of Hard corals in clearwater
  • Presence of diverse Fishes, corals species
  • Presence of the Sharks
  • Especially recommended for experienced divers.
  • Fantastic view of the underwater sea ecosystem 

2. Diving in North Bay Island:

Situated near Ross Island, a small island is known for providing an amazon view, and diverse underwater species are the North Bay.

Some of the best features of this island are:

  • Provides a fantastic view of the crystal clear water with the presence of beautiful coral reefs 
  • Provides lower diving rates here
  • Boat transportations available
  • Tourists spend the entire day on this island enjoying the beautiful views of the waves, surrounding trees, never-ending boundaries of the oceans, etc.

3. Diving in Neil Island:

The divers catch up this spot because of:

  • Amazing underwater experiences
  • Diverse marine habitats
  • Soft and Hard Corals
  • Medium water currents or tides
  • Less depth than compared to others
  • Luxury hotels and resorts

Some popular sites in Neil Island:

  • Busy Burro
  • Rocky’s
  • Margarita
  • Manta Point/Robin’s Bay
  • Nursery/ One Bottle
  • Aquarium/ Neil Garden
  • Lighthouse

4. Diving in Port Blair:

Port Blair, the capital town of Andaman, provides an excellent place to dive. Carbyn’s Cove Beach has been turned into an excellent place for underwater fun and enjoyment.

Speciality of this Spot :

  • Presence of live Corals near the Snake Island
  • Clear water which provides an amazing view of the underwater ecosystem
  • Cheaper rates of Diving sessions
  • Additional Transportation and Boat costs are not necessary.
  • Offers a complete budget trip for the families

Other top places to dive in Port Blair:

  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine parkland.
  • Corruption Rock
  •  Rutland Island
  • Snake Island

‍5.   Diving in Barren Island:

Ever been to a Volcano site?

If not, then visit Barren Island of Andaman, the only active volcano site in Asia. The specialty of this Island:

  • Provides a diverse Fish, Reefs, and other marine species
  • Presence of Silver garden eels, Dogtooth Tuna, Barracuda, dolphins, whitetip reef sharks, turtles, manta rays, etc.
  • The trip is basically around 12 hours
  • Boat facilities to the spot is available

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