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Pawna Lake Camping: Travel Guide

Camping has always been fun to do. In order to get relaxation from the monotonous busy schedule of our lives, activities like camping, trekking, and travelling are highly preferred. In this blog we are going to introduce you to the Pawna camping site.

Pawna Lake is located in the Maval taluka of Pune district in Maharashtra. Pawna Lake is basically an artificial lake formed as a result of the Pavana Dam project which was constructed in the Maval taluka region in 1973. The backwaters from the Pavana Dam later formed a reservoir and it turned into a beautiful artificial lake called Pavana Lake.

The Pavana Lake is also popularly known as the Pawna Lake. Camping along the side of the Pawna Lake gained popularity and today it is known as the Pawna Lake Camping. This site will provide you the best experience of spending time with your families, friends or dear ones. It can be considered as a single-day picnic spot.

Presently, Pawna Lake camping is gaining momentum. This wonderful artificial lake is just 60kns away from the Kamshet on the Mumbai-Pune highway. The beauty of the Pawna lake has been enhanced more because of the presence of some of the tourist attractions like the Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort and Visapur fort as well.

There is also a rich diversity of flora and fauna, one can view the beautiful mountains, different kinds of birds etc. More importantly, since this camping site is located near Lonavala, one can also opt for visiting the latter. The visit to the Pawna Lake Camping becomes more delightful and special on rainy days. It gives an amazing view of the lake and its surroundings which is quite different from the regular days.

What’s special about Pawna Lake camping?

After a long busy week, when you are fully exhausted and need some refreshments to join your schedule with more energy and a focused mind; camping in Pawna Lake will be the right choice to spend your weekend. The landscape near the camping site is just amazing. The splendid view of the lake amidst the valleys and the mountain ranges of Western Ghat will help you forget all your worries and hectic schedules.

The camping nights will be more exciting. It is mostly seen that people come here in groups or their families. One can experience the long talks, gossip, bone fire, music, delicious foods sitting beside the lake and taking a dip into nature. Check out these tips here to help you plan a family camping trip.

The camping site is always maintained by the workers assigned for keeping the place clean and hygienic. The camping site is available with all the facilities like Proper washroom, toilets. The organizers provide tents for the people after registration is done. They also provide some necessary items like pillows, mattresses (either double/triple), blankets if needed.

The people can also have their breakfasts, lunch and dinners from the campsite organizers. Special items like Barbeques, special food dishes are also available on the site which makes the camping even more comfortable and satisfying. There are facilities of proper network connectivity unlike other camping sites, mobile charging points, points for supplying power, abundant and safe parking areas, etc.

 Schedule of the Camping site

  • After reaching the Pawna Lake site, one could park their vehicles in the parking sites provided by the organizers. If  the people visiting there want to stay at the tents and do the camping, they first have to do the registration at the counter to avail all the facilities that come under the package. In the case of only sightseeing, there is no necessity of doing registration.
  • As a part of the package the camping organizers will first provide some snacks and teas for refreshment to the registered campers.
  • The people can also have their own food items and cook there. At around 7-8pm barbeques will be provided.
  • There will be music and lights (DJs are also present) at the camping site. The people can sit under the clear sky (provided there are no clouds on that particular day), enjoy the freedom of gazing at the night sky away from all the worries and prevalence of spending time with your dear ones.
  • The people can have bonfires, gossip, games, and music. There will be unlimited dinner items which come under the package only.
  • After spending the night at the camp, wake up early to have the view of the amazing sunrise just over the lakes amidst the mountains. It will surely inject the sting of joy and happiness and an unforgettable memory.
  • After that, have breakfast and get ready to leave the campsite.

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