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The Ultimate Guide to the Beas Kund Trek

The Beas Kund Trek is present in the Manali of Himachal Pradesh. Since the trek is located near the famous river Beas, it took the name of the Beas Kund Trek. The river Beas has its historical importance as well. It has been named after the sage Ved Vyas, who is known for writing the 4 Vedas as well as Mahabharat of Indian mythology.

Overview of Beas Kund Trek

Beas Kund trek will allow  the trekkers to reach an incredible maximum altitude of about 12,722ft. The divine view of the majestic Beas river coming out of the tall mountain peaks of the Pir Panjal ranges creates a beautiful scenario in the minds of the spectators.

The whole trek will allow the trekkers to get the vision of the never ending mountain  ranges like the Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi and Hanuman Tibba; rare mountain peaks like Mt. Indrasen, Deo Tibba; many small and large streams, greenery etc. There are also the pleasing grasslands of Bhakarthach and Dhundhi.

Basically coniferous type of forest is found in this area where a large number of ancient Deodar trees are present.

The total trekking length of the Beas Kund trek will be about 16km long. Many trekkers might confuse it as a very difficult one to be done, but in reality the trek is an easy to moderate level one. Old Manali is considered to be the starting point of the trek.  The trekkers will basically need about 3-4 days to complete the trek and you need to make sure you pack the essentials.

Essential things to carry for Beas Kund trek

  • Jackets and thermal innerwear
  • Hats
  • Extra pairs of socks and Towels 
  • Torch and lighters or Matchbox
  • Waterproof covers
  • Mosquito nets and Repellants
  • Water Bottles and Water purifying tablets(in some cases)
  • Toilet Papers
  • Lightweight boots and blankets
  • Hand gloves and Sunglasses

Beas Kund Trek Details

Day 1: Reach Old Manali

The trekkers from different regions or areas will first reach the Old Manali which will be the starting point of this trek. The whole team will be briefed by the guide regarding the routes and rules related to the trek. The team will be taken to view the Jogini WaterFalls which are about a distance of one and half hours trek.

After having the beautiful glance of the waterfall, the team will again head back to the Old Manali. The camping will be done at this location. The team members will get to know each other. Here some thrilling activities like rappelling, river crossing can also be done. In the evening snacks and teas will be provided. Various interactive fun sessions like singing, bon fire etc. can be done to pass the time and create memories. Later dinner will be served.

Day 2: Old Manali to Solang Valley and then to Dhundi

The trekkers need to get ready for trekking earlier today. After having breakfast the team will move towards the Solang Valley (with the help of vehicles either public or private) in order to watch the amazing morning views over the valley. After reaching Solang Valley the trekkers will trek to Dhundi.

The route will be full of fun and incredible views of the mountains, valleys, rich flora and fauna, grasslands, rivers and many more. The route also holds the Hanuman Tibba which is considered as the highest peak in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Hanuman Tibba is present at an altitude of about 5,982 ft above the mean sea level.

Finally, after hours of walks the Dhundi campsite will be reached. The campsite is surrounded by the dense oak trees, fir trees and walnut forests as well.

Day 3: Dhundi – Beas Kund – Bakartach – Dhundi

Everyone will be excited about today’s trek as it is going to be the toughest and longest trek of the  Beas Kund Trek. After having breakfast the trekkers will first start trekking. During the course of the journey the elevations will rise slightly and one will pass through meadows and  grasslands.

After hours of journey , trekkers will reach the Beas Kund which is basically a lake. There can be seen numerous small streams which are integrated and forming the majestic river. The next spot will be the Bakartach where the lunch will be done. It also has its scenic beauty. The trekkers will again head back to the Dhundi campsite.

Day 4: Dhundi to Solang Valley

It’s the fourth day of the trek, and the final one. The trekkers will start heading back to the Solang Valley following the same route. After reaching the Solang Valley one takes hired shared taxis or other means of travel to reach the Old Manali. Finally the trekkers will now be off for their homes with heavy hearts and full of wonderful memories of the trek.

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