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Top Ten Historical Places to Explore in Italy

Italy is the bewildering wonder of historical preservation. Ranging from its iconic capital city of Rome to other Vatican architectures. I last visited Italy near 10 years ago! But it taught me a lot and it’s a place that I would love to revisit! There is an endless list of historical buildings in Italy that hold immense significance. So I have gathered a list of the 10 most-visited historical places in Italy that amalgamates major historic wonders & architectural beauty of Italian eras. There are various engaging tales related to the popular historical places of Italy that will interest you more! So are you ready for this (virtual) historical tour of Italy? 

Then here is a list of 10 Historical Places in Italy to Visit:

1. Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral which was once renowned as the ‘Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore’ eponymous in honor of the saint. Out of all the famous historical places to visit in Italy this 13th-century building must be your welcoming fairy! The iconic architects of the Cathedral, Arnolfo di Cambio and Filippo Brunelleschi, have already made their mark through the two majestic statues outside the cathedral. It is the fourth largest cathedral in the world that has collated all the essence of Italy’s history. A 1443 clock here miraculously till now, tells the time according to the ora Italica, meaning its 24-hour days always end at sunset. 

2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a tragic wonder which always leaves people baffled due to its leaning alignment. This is one of the popular historical buildings in Italy to visit capturing the madness of the architect’s mind. It is a 186-foot white marble beauty nestled nearby the hills, possessing an enigmatic amount of 300 steps. The Tower of Pisa is a medieval bell tower that was founded in the Field of Miracles next to Pisa’s cathedral. It started leaning a few years after its initial construction in 1174 due to the sandy & feeble foundations. Eventually, the tower was completed in 1360. 

3. Pianosa Island

Pianosa Island had many phases of life before its enormous fame arrived. Now the fame garners only 400 people to visit each day, so feel extremely lucky if you get in! Pianosa Island is no less than a renowned historical place to visit in Italy! It has been settled many times since the first inhabitation dated back to the Stone age. From Pirates to Napoleon everyone has adored this island for personal benefits. Most recently Pianosa also served as a military base and high-security prison. But the prison was abolished in 1998, yet some of the paroled prisoners still live here, running small restaurants and guiding museums for tourists.

4. Area Sacra di Largo Argentina

It is a hub of historical treasures in Italy. In fact, once a popular town called Poseidonia, named in honor of the Greek sea god Poseidon also stood on the grounds of this square in Rome. Settled during the 6th century, it eventually fell under the control of Romans who renamed it Paestum(still called the same). Paestum comprises three well-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world. Surely, it is the best historical place in Rome, Italy that amazes every traveler through its extravagant historic wonders. But only the ancient walls and the archaeological zone in the center are usually open for public expeditions. Also don’t miss out on all the cats that stay in this cat sanctuary!

5. Duomo di Milano

Duomo di Milano is the largest historical building in Italyof its kind, that can accommodate up to 40,000 people inside. When Gian Galeazzo Visconti came into power, for modernizing the area this iconic architecture was started in 1386. You might
get a shock so grab something firm! It took five whole centuries for the masterpiece to be completed. This building merged the Gothic and Romanesque styles altogether to create this humongous historical building of Italy. Adorable white and pink marbles, openwork pinnacles, and spires decorate the structure of this glorious wonder.

6. Pantheon

How can your exploration complete? if you missed the majestic Pantheon of Italy. The pantheon is the historical signature of Roman’s eternal love for unique buildings. The immaculate proportions of the building, devoted to the planetary gods surely depicts a divine skill that led to this top historical place in Italy accomplish its imperfect architecture. After early Christian kings abandoned the usage of pagan temples as a church, the Pantheon was consecrated by the Pope in AD 609. Yet the remains sing the ode of marvelous Roman architecture.

7. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, possessing a beautiful stretch of coastline along the Sorrentine Peninsula, situated south of Naples and Sorrento. Hillside towns nestled on the steep mountainsides while walking paths cascading all along the coast, create breathtaking scenery for visitors to adore.  Sentiero Degli Dei, Footpath of the Gods, at the western end from Positano are some of the major highlights of this must-visit historical place in Italy you should explore.

8. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is basically a complex of historical villages on the seaside of Riviera Coastline. It comprises five picturesque villages- Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore that accessible via several means. A railroad that tunnels through the headlands visits each town & a scenic narrow road high on the hillside above smoothly connects all five. Hiking between the villages is a popular sport amongst travelers to enjoy the landscape. There are some old-world fishing villages that render this beautiful historical place of Italy an old-world charm in the modern era.

9. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence

If you are an art enthusiast, this historic spot of Italian Renaissance art is the best place to visit in Italy. Representing the works of the great western artists, depicting the evolution of art from14th to the 16th centuries is an ethereal experience to administer.  The painters moved beyond religious art and some of the most initial usages of naturalistic and scenic backgrounds in religious art can also be seen here.

10. Capri

Capri is a steep rocky island emerging from the intense blue sea. You can reach here via short boat ride from Naples, Sorrento, or the Amalfi Coast to the Isle of Capri. The green pines and tropical plants wreathing the mountains along with beautiful Villa San Michele depicts the finest views of the island. Overlook the Marina Grande from the village of Anacapri, high above is another panoramic spot to explore at this best-known historical place of Italy. 

I hope you liked the information listed here about beautiful historical places in Italy that accommodate some of the highlighted wonders of architectural importance. Italy has led its historical journey from various phases & all the significant parts are immortalized into the famous historical places to visit in Italy that any explorer mustn’t miss. For more wondrous travelogues like these our posts, particularly if you are planning a future holiday soon!

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