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10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Dubai!

Dubai is undoubtedly the world’s most dynamic and visionary city. The city of Dubai has so many faces and something for every tourist. The skyscrapers and iconic landmarks that come to mind when we hear the name Dubai are just one of many impressive features of this city. With its ever-evolving nature, the emirate welcomes its guests to explore so many interesting attractions to discover.  Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations in the world so if you still are not convinced, here are 10 reasons you should visit the emirate at least once in your lifetime.  

1. Dubai is more than just a desert city

Visitors don’t realize that although tagged as a desert destination, Dubai is a coastal city as well! Along its western shore, the emirate is lined with beaches and shores that border the Persian Gulf. Since Dubai is located so close to the Persian Gulf, it has a better climate than other Middle Eastern cities, and a lot of people like to visit Dubai to enjoy its waterfront and beaches. By further exploring the ways of enhancing the shoreline, Dubai has created a few attractions right on the water with artificial land reclamation and added gems like the Palm Jumeirah. As a coastal city break location, it’s one of the best in the world. 

 2. Luxurious living at its finest

Exploring this extraordinary Middle Eastern city is definitely on the travel bucket list of luxury-seeking globetrotters. Dubai’s opulence has set the bar for other cities. There is no place in the world like Dubai in terms of grandeur or luxury hospitality. Dubai has some of the world’s finest luxury hotel chains, and it is also the only destination to have a seven-star hotel – The iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. The royal service and comfort you receive here is said to be worth every penny you spend! Atlantis the Palm is yet another resort in Dubai that delights guests with its eloquent accommodations and extraordinary fun attractions. If you crave luxury, look no further! Dubai is the place to be. 

3. This city is full of superlatives!

Home to the biggest, largest, first-ever! Dubai is a city of manmade wonders. You will find the most record-breaking attractions and experiences in Dubai.  It’s fair to say that the entire emirate was conjured up by man’s creativity and features attractions that are among the world’s finest. It’s home to the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest natural flower garden – Dubai Miracle Gardens, the largest observation wheel in the world – Ain Dubai, the world’s largest fountain – Palm Fountain… the list goes on and on! In Dubai, you’re sure to have your jaw dropped at most attractions. 

4. Incredibly beautiful city skyline

It is hard to believe that Dubai was once just a barren desert dotted with small settlements of Emirati nationals in the late 1900s. In a short time, the city became a scintillating spectacle of contemporary architecture and high-rise towers. The emirate has an impressive skyline which you should definitely view from a bird’s eye view. To have this experience, the best way is to visit ‘At the Top – Burj Khalifa’, or see it from Ain Dubai or Dubai Frame. You can also experience the city’s modern beauty by taking a helicopter or flight tour to witness it from the air. 

5. Fun and Entertainment galore!

 Fun attractions and shows abound in Dubai. The larger-than-life factor reflects in Dubai’s amusement parks as well. A fun day is guaranteed at Dubai Parks and Resorts, the largest integrated recreational venue in the Middle East. Add a bit of adventure to a day with a trip to IMG Worlds of Adventure and AquaVenture water park. There is also a ski resort in Dubai located inside the Mall of the Emirates – Ski Dubai – welcoming visitors looking to escape the Arabian heat and enjoy a wintry time with friends and family. There are also several live shows and performances, such as those held at La Perle by Dragone and Dubai Opera, which you can enjoy in company of your near and dear ones.

6. A foodie’s dream destination

In Dubai, everything seems limitless, even the food scene. It is eclectic and abundant. From traditional Emirati meals to international cuisine, Dubai’s restaurants, cafes, and high-end hotels serve it all. Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, American, Mediterranean – you name it and you can find an amazing array of outlets catering to some delicious menus.  High-Tea and Brunch in Dubai is a popular scene that offers the perfect way to experience the best hospitality and cuisine in Dubai’s finest restaurants. 

7. A modern city with deep roots in culture

Dubai is often referred to as an ultra-modern cosmopolitan city. Despite this, the emirate remains steeped in its culture and holds onto its bygone Bedouin era in Old Dubai. Not just that, but you can see traces of its culture in its modern landmarks as well, like the Museum of the Future with its Arabic calligraphy. Old Dubai is the best place to learn about Dubai’s past as Dubai Creek was the main draw for the first settlers in Dubai and has seen Dubai transform from a small village to a global city. 

8. The best of Arabian desert experiences

To fully experience Dubai, one must witness the stillness and thrill of the Arabian deserts. See a different side of Dubai by venturing away from the glitzy city and into the golden dunes. Among the vast expanses of grainy sand dunes, it is silent and sublime. Prepare yourself for adventures with a desert safari tour and enjoy some of the most unique desert sports, such as dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding. 

9. Shopping!

One of the main appeals of Dubai for visitors is shopping! Dubai has some of the most magnificent malls in the world, with countless international brands and labels. Shoppers can find something to suit every budget. Dubai has the biggest shopping mall in the world: The Dubai Mall, which has over 1000 shops to browse! Shopping is a popular activity here where you can find merchandise at Wafi Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and many others. Moreover, Dubai Souks offer a unique shopping experience in traditional Arabian bazaars. Dubai Shopping Festival is also held at year-end, and it’s the world’s biggest shopping festival, drawing tourists to discounts and slashed prices, as well as trying their luck at lucky draws. 

10. A laid-back and  safe city 

Visitors prefer Dubai over other emirates because Dubai is tolerant of certain fun elements that are otherwise frowned upon in other parts of the UAE. For instance, in Dubai, the dress code is liberal but strict at religious sites. In addition to the laid-back nightlife experience in Dubai, the emirate also allows women to have their share of the nightlife experience in Dubai. With stringent laws in Dubai, no one dares to break the law, as it is tough to escape the Dubai police and their fleet of supercars, and it is hard to pay heavy fines. Dubai loves to have fun while maintaining a safe haven for its visitors. 

Dubai is a fantastic tourist destination that is unlike any other on the planet. Dubai has kept those who have gotten a Dubai tourist visa online and visited the city amazed and entertained. In addition to the reasons listed above, there are plenty more things that are sure to make you choose Dubai again and again for your leisure holidays. You have to see Dubai for yourself to believe it is a worthwhile destination to visit. No moment is dull in Dubai.

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