The Tourist – Film Review

Title: The Tourist

Age: 12

Released: 10th December 2010

Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Rating: **** (4/5 stars)

About: During an impromptu trip to Europe to mend a broken heart, math teacher Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) finds himself in an extraordinary situation when an alluring stranger, Elise (Angelina Jolie), places herself in his path. Their seemingly innocent flirtation turns into a dangerous game of cat and mouse while various people, who all think that Frank is Elise’s thieving paramour, Alexander Pearce, try to capture the pair.

Review: I actually really love this film, even though I have some problems with it.

So to start with here are the reasons why I didn’t give it 5 stars. Firstly, why are the two of them speaking in a different accent? Angelina Jolie is my main concern – just speak in an American accent please. It really bugs me when actors put on ‘fake’ accents. Just speak as you would normally please.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not the worse accent I’ve heard in films.

Secondly, although I really love these two people. I can’t see them together – at all. There was just not enough chemistry between the two of them, particularlly as they are meant to be so madly in love with each other.

The plot line for this movie is some what amusing though. You start off with this beautiful mysterious woman who gets on a train, only to meet with a man who is called Frank (which according to the film is a terrible name by the way), who is also just a math teacher.   The story line is absurd, but I think that it helps to make this an enjoyable film.

I never know what the two of these people are thinking either – they really are mysterious together. It works though, as this movie is all about keeping you guessing until the very end. Most importantly, it wants you to keep guessing who Alexander Pearce really is and all is only revealed at the end.

I did really love the way this film played out and can I just say that the music fitted beautifully with the scenes. It really helped to build up tension in some parts, like when Frank is being chased across the roofs, or the scene on the boats when the bad guys are attacking them.

This is a film which you can easily watch multiple times, even though there is a twist at the end. Which you might guess straight away or you may be left in the dark until the very end. Even so, when you do figure it all out it doesn’t ruin the film at all. In fact, it makes you want to watch it again to see if there are any tell tale signs for the ending.

It doesn’t even matter that the plot line is slightly absurd, it’s a good film to watch and is very enjoyable.


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