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Christmas Film Countdown – 5

What a magical day I had yesterday!

Besides looking absolutely grim and being incredibly tired, I managed to get the last of my Christmas shopping done at Stratford (I even managed to buy one of those brie, bacon and cranberry panini things from Costa – which are so amazing).

After that, it was a quick trip home to have a nap (very much needed I’m afraid). It was very lucky that I did go home though, because I found out that apparently I’m being overcharged for my electricity bills? Anyway, luckily I got that sorted (definitely made me feel like an adult, even though it makes me incredibly annoyed  that as a *poor* student I’m paying way more than I should!!?).

Anyway . . . after that little surprise, it was off to Winter Wonderland. I mean wow that place is stunning, the lights, the atmosphere, the stalls, I mean just wow.

I even managed pretty much most of the rides (which again, is probably another reason why I’m a poor student because those rides were expensive — and really short for the price, just saying). The only one that I refused to do though was the ride where you go upside down like 3 times, no thank you, not for me.

It did make me feel like a child though, which was a great feeling and so in light of feeling like a child, I give you the next film in this countdown, which will most likely bring back many childhood memories.


Title: A Muppets Christmas Carol

images.jpegAge: U

Released: 11th December 1992

Director: Brian Henson

Genre: Family, Comedy, Fantasy, Musical

***** (5/5 stars)

About: Brian Henson, the son of Muppet founder Jim Henson, took over directing duties after the untimely death of his father for The Muppet Christmas Carol, a sluggish re-telling of the Charles Dickens tale. Michael Caine, surrounded by legions of fuzzy, felt puppets, plays it straight as the crotchety Ebenezer Scrooge, an old mis
er who could care less about Christmas and the joy the season brings. Working for the skinflint is his faithful employee Bob Cratchit (Kermit the Frog), who begs Scrooge for a day off for Christmas. Scrooge reluctantly agrees and goes home on Christmas Eve filled with bile at the holiday merrymakers. But then he is visited by the sprits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and Scrooge, after revisiting his sorrowful past, hate-filled present, and doomed future, turns over a new leaf and becomes the most generous and celebratory perso
n in town.

Review: This film is absolutely perfect for everyone, children love it, adults find it amusing, and me well I just can’t help but like it (I say this mainly because I don’t want to class myself as an adult yet, because I am obviously still a child.

What I actually do like about this film is that it introduces children to the timeless classic of Charles Dickens – what a better way to do this, in a fun, understanding way. Surprisingly, I also believe that this film is actually quite true to the book in comparison to other films – so, you know, there’s also that added bonus as well.

And I don’t think you’ll get bored any time whilst watching this. There is humour, there are some musical bits — I especially like the musical bit in the middle, which even though it seems very over top and soppy, I secretly love it (although I guess it’s now no longer a secret).

There are moments where you forget that this is meant to be a film for children, so it’s no surprise that adults love it too. I know of one person in my flat who is a fan of this film, although I don’t know if she would be classed as an adult. . .

You even forget it’s supposed to be a Muppet film. It’s just a wonderful festive story, that will most definitely get you in the Christmas spirit if you aren’t already.

Although I would be very surprised if you weren’t in the Christmas spirit because that is just not normal (like you’ve had a good 21 days to feel Christmassy, talk about leaving it to the last minute).

This film is the perfect way to get ready for Christmas this weekend (THIS WEEKEND GUYS! It’s so close!!).

Anyway, have an awesome and  spectacular day.

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