Revived by Cat Patrick – Book Review

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Title: Revived (you can Buy on Amazon here)

Author: Cat Patrick

Published: 2nd July 2012

Publisher: Electric Monkey

Genre: Romance, Teenager

Pages: 336

Format: E-Book

Rating: **** (4/5 Stars)

About: Another fast paced thriller from Cat Patrick with enough romance and suspense to keep girls hooked right to the end. Daisy has died five times. She’s a test subject for a government super drug called Revive, which brings people back from the dead. Each time she is revived, Daisy has to move cities and change her identity to avoid suspicion. Daisy has always gotten a thrill out of cheating death, but her latest move has come with unexpected complications: a new best friend, and a very cute new crush who is taking a special interest in her… As Daisy’s attachment to her new home grows, she discovers secrets that could tear her world apart. And the more she learns, the more she feels like a lowly pawn in a sinister game. When the stakes are life and death, someone is going to get hurt. Cat Patrick’s first book, Forgotten, is an international bestseller.

Review: I actually quite liked this book.

I mean I prefered Cat Patrick’s other book called ‘Forgotten’, but I like how different the settings for her books are.

It’s not quite a dystopian type book, as some people called it. I feel that it’s just another everyday teenager book with a twist.

The twist being that she’s died – no spoilers here by the way, it says it on the cover (don’t complain at me, just use your eyes) – and is brought back to life. This happens a few times.

When I first read the book back in 2012, I didn’t really know where this book was going, like how it would end. But I think that just made me enjoy it more because it wasn’t just a love story, there was an actual story opposite the romantic aspect.

When I read the book back in 2012, I was still classed as a teenager, but I recently re-read it over the Christmas break (just because), and now that I am ‘considered’ as an adult, I still kind of enjoyed it. I mean I quite enjoy divulging into the easy reads of a teenage romance.

It’s definitely a book which can be read in one sitting and it is quite easy to get into – this is something which is hugely important to me if I want to think of a book as successful, because it needs to draw me in first rather than have me thinking ‘when is something going to happen?’

I think I will probably re-read this book in a couple of years because I quite liked the story idea, and it’s the type of story where you can re-visit it (besides who remembers what happened in a book that they read a few of years ago).

If you like this type of teen romance, with a sligtly different edge to it, this is the book for you.

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