Penrith Castle – Castle Review

Built: Between 1399-1470

Location:  Ullswater Rd, Penrith CA11 7EA

History: Penrith Castle was begun at the end of the 14th century by Ralph Neville, who played a key role in defending this area against the Scots. It was later transformed into a luxurious residence by Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who became Richard III. Surviving to their full height, the castle walls stand in a public park.

Review: The good thing about this castle is that it is free to visit and there is parking about, you just kind of have to look for it.

We ended up parking in Mcdonalds, which was directly opposite the castle, so we just had to cross the road (The road was slightly busy, but there was a crossing nearby).

The castle itself is kind of underwhelming.

If you like castles with lots of nooks and crannies, then this castle is probably not the best for you.

All in all, it probably took me less than half an hour to explore and read all the boards. Maybe only fifteen minutes altogether.

If you’re in the area then you should go. You get to experience a bit of history and can learn something new whilst you’re at it.

I have to say I found it surprising that it was sat in the middle of town. It’s directly opposite the train station so I guess you could say it has good transport links. I like to think that there is a comparison between the old and the new though. I know it’s not intentional but it does make you wonder.

Despite its small size, I was happy I went to go see this place. The only weird thing about it is that whilst I was exploring it, people were walking across with a McDonalds in one hand not taking in the castle at all.

It’s a shame that something that was once lived in by Richard III is now just a simple walkway.

2 thoughts on “Penrith Castle – Castle Review

  1. Since I’ve started looking at this blog I have realised that there is so much out there to see! I want to explore everywhere, mind you I haven’t see this Castle before, but from the pictures and review it surely does look like a fantastic place to go and see.

    Let’s hope I get the opportunity to visit this remarkable castle. 😁

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