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Chatsworth House

Built: 1553-1560s

Location: Bakewell DE45 1PP

History: Chatsworth House is a stately home in Derbyshire, England, in the Derbyshire Dales 3.5 miles northeast of Bakewell and 9 miles west of Chesterfield. The seat of the Duke of Devonshire, it has been home to the Cavendish family since 1549.

Review: So this trip came about thanks to the bank holiday last year (I know, I know it took me ages to actually publish it). When you have a nice long weekend, taking a day trip is a great idea. It means that I could just relax other the next couple of days, so as not to get too tired.

Let me tell you, I definitely needed to have one day off after visiting Chatsworth due to the amount of walking that needed to be done there.

Anyone fancy a swim?

This place is huge. Absolutely huge. There is so much that you can go see. There’s the house, the garden, the farmyard, and playground.

Now I live on a farm, so I wasn’t so fussed about going to the farmyard. So me and Luke only did the house and gardens

It’s a little pricey to get in. To just do the house and garden it cost me £22 plus the £3 for parking. If you wanted to do everything then it’s £24. If you only want to see the garden then it’s £13.

I think if I were to come again, I would only do the garden. In my mind, once you’ve seen the house, then you don’t need to see it again anytime soon. That’s just my opinion though and I’m sure that in a couple of years time I would love to go back again.

But maybe give it a few more years and I’ll probably change my mind. I know I would love to go again during Christmas time, so I’ll probably go in the house then (I just have to make sure I find the time first though).

Doesn’t it just look peaceful?
I want this in my garden

Just take a look at those pictures though! Doesn’t the garden look magical?! Honestly there is so much to be seen at this place. I remember on one bit, I’m not too sure how we got there, but anyway, there’s a bench that looks down at some parts of the garden and Luke and I just sat there for like half an hour, just watching the world go by.

Honestly, I feel like me and Luke would just be happy to be presented with a nice view. We’ll make a cup of a tea, have a bag of crisps and just sit and stare. It couldn’t be more perfect.

I mean, we also love to people watch, so it’s kind of works having a bench that looks across the gardens haha!

I really can’t recommend this place enough, it’s just a shame that it was a bit of a drive away for me and Luke – definitely need to plan it on a weekend, preferably the Saturday so I can have a lie in on the Sunday (don’t want to feel tired going into work on Monday morning).

This is a great place for families, for people who just want to get out and about. There’s so much history here, and the staff are lovely. I’m always terrible when it comes to asking questions, but they knew exactly what to say and what was interesting to learn.

Just give me time to prepare for it and I’ll soon be back (I’m sure)!!

5 thoughts on “Chatsworth House

  1. To be fair this was a fantastic place to go and visit, I couldn’t believe actually how big the entire facility was. We were very lucky to get their early in the morning because believe it or not you need a full day there. My legs did hurt after all that walking we did, but it was the best day to spend it with Isobel ❤️

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