Big Trips

Disneyland Orlando

EDIT: Due to Covid-19, this trip has been cancelled. But oh well – that just means I have more time to plan and save money for it! It just might be in a few years now 😦

My next big adventure is nearly here! And I’m so excited for it.

On the 17th May 2020 me, my sister and two friends will be going to Disneyland Orlando! I cannot wait!

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Look how amazing it’s going to be!

My sister and I have been planning this trip for the last four years and I can’t believe that it’s actually nearly here.

Soon I’ll be spending my time walking amongst all the Disney characters – I’ll be going up and getting my photo with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, but not Donald Duck.

I mean I’d love to get a photo with him but I’m not sure he’d be too pleased to see me.

It’s a bit of a funny story that happened in Disneyland Paris when I was about 2 with my family.

Donald Duck picked up my sippy cup and pretended to drink my milk, much to my rage I proceeded to tap him on the beak and firmly say “NO!”

He then pretended to cry!

My parents love telling that story.

I can only hope that he has forgiven me 20 years later!

I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening next though – don’t you worry!

Sending you much love! xoxo

10 thoughts on “Disneyland Orlando

  1. It is certainly a strange time for us all right now, and we here in Orlando are certainly ready for things to go “back to normal” very soon. Sorry to hear about your trip. Can’t imagine how disappointing that must be.


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