So I don’t know about you, but since being stuck at home I’ve been finding it really hard to keep up with my diet.

I had previously been doing really well on the 1:1 Diet, and although I am somehow still losing weight (very slowly), I know that I am finding it really hard.

My sister and I are both supporting one another on this diet though at least, so that’s helpful. But it does make me wonder how people are coping when they are at home alone?

I worry that the voice in our head that says “give up” is often louder than the one that says “keep going”. People will often find a lack of motivation to keep going, particularly in a time like this.

So I am hoping that this quote will be able to help you keep going, not just for dieting and exercising though. I think that you can relate this quote to all aspects of your life!

“Eliminate the mindset of can’t — because you can do anything” – Tony Horton

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  1. You’re doing so well, I am very proud of you 😁 I always try to express myself with a can do attitude sometimes it fails, but I know I can achieve my goals, thank you for sharing this inspirational quote xx

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    1. Having a can-do attitude is really important and can be really helpful in achieving our goals!

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  2. Great quote! But remember things have their own time. Slowly and Steady 😉💕

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    1. Slow and steady wins the race (something my mum always says haha)! Very true words though

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