As I’m writing this, I think my emotions are getting the best of me. I just feel sad, a little bit down for some reason.

Nothing is really the matter, but I just feel so unmotivated at the moment.

Clearly Covid-19 is getting to me, clearly not seeing my boyfriend in over a month is upsetting me and clearly I’ve just let it all build up when really I should be making sure to talk about what’s going on in my head.

I think that there are many people who can relate, some might be struggling more than others but we are all in the same boat.

We all experience the feeling of sadness at some point in our lives.

We all face unhappy times, but I hope that this quote can give you some food for thought when you are going through these dark times. I know it is certainly something that helps me.

I hope that if you are going through a time of struggle, that this quote can give you the encouragement you need to help you change your outlook, to turn the feeling of being sad into one where things don’t look so bad.

Here’s the Quote:

“You always have the choice to be happy. Learn to understand the purpose of bumps in the road, grow from them and stay positive.” – Unknown

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  1. I totally relate to how you are feeling right now. I am feeling the same way too and the longer this quarantine goes on, the more unmotivated I feel!

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    1. Yeah, it is definitely getting harder the longer this goes on for. I’m just trying to take things one day at a time and I just know that we can all get through this together, and come out stronger on the other end – even if it does currently suck!


  2. It is really hard, me as your boyfriend I’m missing you like crazy, but the positive note is when this is all over we can be reunited together and carry on with our strong relationship together.

    I’ll be there very soon xx 😊


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