The Prince of Egypt – Film Review

Title: The Prince of Egypt

Age: U

Released: 16th December 1998

Director: Brenda ChapmanSimon WellsSteve Hickner

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical

Rating: ***** (5/5 stars)

About: Two brothers named Moses and Rameses grow up to be the best of friends. However, when one of them becomes a ruler and the other chooses to live for the people, their friendship turns bitter.

Review: This film was such a huge part of my childhood!

I hadn’t seen it in years though, and then the other day I saw it on NowTv and I just thought you know what, why not?

Oh my word, I forgot how amazing this film is.

In fact, it was probably a lot better because I’m older now, and have a greater understanding of this film.

If you’ve never seen this film before, then you are probably thinking that this would be a regular Bible story with characters needing to believe in God, but that’s not the point. The point is that they have to believe in themselves.

This is not a film that is all about religion (even though yes it is about Moses). I think this might be a mistake that people make, as they think that they need to be religious to enjoy this.

In actual fact, anyone can enjoy this film, because it is a masterpiece as far as animation, scene design; music, storytelling; mood setting, transitions and everything else because it is just done so beautifully that you will appreciate something different every time you watch it.

Not only that, but they have an amazing cast (e.g. you’ve got Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, Ralph Fiennes and Sandra Bullock just to name a few), and the story and characters are very touching and emotional.

The best part for me though will always be the music. I actually listen to the film’s soundtrack all the time at work and there’s a few songs which I have to say are totally breathtaking.

I mean the one song “When You Believe” – wow, just wow. I love it. I mean I get goosebumps every time I hear it. Absolutely beautiful.

Religious or not, this is easily one of the most beautiful animated movies ever made, the level of detail in each scene and each character is astounding, that’s not even talking about the music which is in a league of its own.

If you have not seen it then you are missing out. And if you have seen it, but only when you were younger, then please, please rewatch it.

One thought on “The Prince of Egypt – Film Review

  1. Oh my gosh! I’m not sure how I’ve managed to not see this one! And I had no idea how many celebs had voice parts! I think we need to add this to the list!


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