How to Travel the World in a Campervan: Beginner’s Guide

You can travel to almost any country by using the most advanced mode of travelling. You can fly to Dubai, go on a voyage like an old style pirate, to traveling by sea or flying in a aeroplane. 

Not to mention that going for a cruise for weeks and months is also fun but it requires so much money and patience. The cruise ship takes days to travel some distance in the sea and you get a way to reconnect with nature in some ways by cutting off the normal lifestyle. 

The budget also matters when it comes to traveling to a particular location or city. I have read several stories of people travelling around the world in a campervan. Nonetheless these stories are very fascinating and interesting, but somewhere you know that it takes a lot to even do it.

Today we will talk about how to travel the world in a campervan for adventure and fun. It is very much plausible to explore the world just in a van, however, you have to consider a lot of points before you take the road trips.

Plan Everything Before Travelling

Whenever an architect has to build a home, the first thing he does is build a floor plan. The floor plan is a design of the home either on the paper or on the computer in a 3D layout. Likewise, when you plan to hit a road to explore the world in your campervan you must make a plan first. 

Invest some time in jotting down the places that you wish to explore with all the intricate details. Such as how much time it will take to travel to a particular place, you might not be able to come up with the exact or accurate timescale but you can make rough estimates.

Also write down the name of places on a paper with the amount of distance that you’d be covering in your campervan. It’d be better if you look at the map first because you’d be able to make better decisions when it comes to parking the campervan and staying at a hotel. You should also install a high quality GPS tracker in your van to keep track of the place and their directions when travelling in your campervan. 

Here’s a Checklist for your Plan:

Make a list of everything that you plan to do on your laptop, notepad, or tablet. This way you will be able to keep all the records of your activities on your trip and you won’t have trouble deciding what else to be done next. You should plan every single day on your calendar to make your journey smoother and better for yourself. 

You may also need to get visas for some countries and you need to take care of this months before you hit the road.  It is impossible for you to get the entry to a city or country without having a legal permit from the authorities. Therefore, you need to keep all your documents ready before you head towards your journey.  Make sure to acquire great travel insurance as well just in case you meet an emergency during th trip you will have a back-up in hand.

Here are few of the things that you will need for your trip:

  1. Visa, Passport, permits and entry documents. 
  2. Photo identity, credit cards and cash
  3. Travel insurance
  4. First aid kit
  5. Antiseptic creams 
  6. Paper maps or digital maps of roads, locations and places. 
  7. GPS tracker and apps for measuring the distance from one location to another 
  8. Temperature meter
  9. Pots, pans, oven, snacks, drinks, and cutlery 
  10. Log and fuel.
  11.  Flash light and replacement tyres 
  12. Cooking accessories just in case you want to cook off-grid 
  13. Clothing (don’t over pack though)
  14. Chargers for all electrical items
  15. Spare batteries

Choosing the Campervan

Since you are going to embark on a long distance trip you need to choose a campervan that can cover a lot of distance without struggle. Buy twin axle campervan with good interior and hardcore exterior as it will be exposed to different and uncertain weather conditions. Single axle van is less stable on the road and it is not meant for long distance travelling, moreover it would be quite hectic to keep it going on the rough and sloppy roads. 

You need to make a checklist of all the items that you must need during your trips. Always keep a spare tyre with you just in case the existing one gets deflated anytime during your trip. You don’t want to end up getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a deflated tyre, it would interrupt your trip. 

Although you might have a lot of money to spend on camping and road trips you must get travel insurance. The company will cover up all the expenses related to your trip around the world. You can find out how to start a travel savings account here if that helps you save for your trip where you travel the world in your campervan! 

Documents and their Copies:

As mentioned above you must take all of your documents with you so you don’t get into trouble in the middle of your trip. Make several copies of your ID card, passports, and other important documents.  Share your road plan with someone whom you trust a lot, it could be anyone from your circle of family or friends.

Also, try to be in touch with your friends to keep them aware of your whereabouts; text them, FaceTime them and share the pictures of the location. It would help you as well in keeping yourself secure. Just in case you go out of track or feel lost, it would be much easier for your loved ones to find you after tracking the last location where you have been.

Eateries and Motels

You can install any application on your smartphone or android phone to track down the nearby locations you can visit. The application will help you to find even the best and most affordable eateries and motels that fall within the vicinity of where you have parked your campervan. We must be thankful for having the latest technology because we can find places easily using the internet instead of doing any manual research work.

I know most people love camping and traveling alone as they find a strange peace in solitude. However, when you have company you would enjoy your trip more for the simple fact that you will be able to explore different places together. When one partner is tired of driving another can take on the task. And this way neither one of you will ever feel tired during the trip.

Protection Measures

When you travel in a campervan you are more exposed to the outside world. Keep your windows and doors locked at the witch and odd hours. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher inside along with protective tools. Install at least two GPS trackers, one should be accessible by your loved ones as well.

For a small fee you can send the signals and tracking to anywhere in the world. Or connect the tracker with an online application for your loved one to keep an eye on the locations that you are visiting throughout the world. 

Traveling the world in your campervan is really fun but you must be cautious and careful when you step outside. Protect yourself and your privacy when you step out either alone or with someone whom you trust the most

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