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Must See Castles in the Kingdom of Kerry

Living in a country with thousands of castles can make it easy to lose sight of their magnificence. Even if there is a castle not far from where you live, you may not be aware of its history.

County Kerry, in Ireland’s southwestern area, is a location of natural grandeur and beauty. The Lakes of Killarney are a group of three lakes that include Lough Leane, Middle Lake, and Upper Lake. These lakes stretch across the slopes of the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks mountain range, offering a picturesque vista that has made County Kerry one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions.

County Kerry offers a wealth of stunning castles rich in Irish history, in addition to mountains, lakes, forests, and Atlantic Ocean coasts. Tourists can travel the Ring of Kerry, a circular route that offers views of all of Kerry’s wonders and beauties, as well as access to some of its famed castles.

These turreted, ivy-clad castles and buildings can’t be missed as you travel across County Kerry. They serve as a visual and structural link to a time when neighbourhoods were characterised by the castle or ‘Big House.’ The state owns several of Kerry’s ancient mansions, like the beautiful nineteenth-century Victorian Muckross House residence, which is set against the breathtaking splendour of Killarney National Park.

Many historic Irish castles are open to the public as tourist attractions, and everyday visits are welcomed.

The castles in Kerry have plenty to offer everyone’s interests, from folklore to breathtaking vistas to tragic history. At Ard na Sidhe Country House Hotel they have created an infographic that gives an in-depth look at the castles in Kerry and the history begging them. Let’s have a look at some of these magnificent structures that represent a piece of Kerry’s living history and have become famous tourist destinations.

There are so many castles to visit and here’s just a little bit of history of the castles in Kerry!

Let’s take a look at these nine castles!

Here’s the next one:

A castle that is still impressive from afar:

A dream like castle is below:

There might not be much of this castle but it is well worth a visit:

This castled a purpose to keep out pirates (as well as level a fee on arriving commercial ships):

Who would have thought a castle could be destroyed by lightning?

This castle has breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean!

The last castle on the list!

And to finish off!

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