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3 Travel Tips Before Visiting Australia

Australia has long been a popular country to vacation in. From beautiful beaches to unique visuals and landscapes, there’s something for everyone.

If you’ve never visited Australia, then it might be a bit of a culture shock once you get there. Adjusting to this could interfere with your enjoyment of the trip.

You’ll naturally want to avoid this. When you’re travelling to Australia for the first time, you’ll need to know a few things.

Between different seasons and wildlife you’ll need to know about, there’s quite a lot that you might want to know.

What To Know Before Travelling To Australia

Get The Hang Of The Local Slang

While Australians speak English, there’s a local slang that you might need to be aware of. Getting a conversational understanding of Australian English can avoid any confusion.

Some of the more notable phrases include:

  • ‘Thongs,’ which means flip flops.
  • ‘Tomato sauce,’ which means ketchup.
  • ‘Togs,’ which means bathing suit.

It’s best to get an understanding of local phrases and slang, simply to avoid any confusion. You wouldn’t want to feel as though you’re speaking a different language.

Make Sure Everything Is Booked

With Australia being a popular place to visit, many things get booked out quite easily. If there are specific activities you want to take part in, you might need to book them in advance.

That’ll be obvious when it comes to plane tickets and hotels. You should also aim to get a car rental, as you could need to do a lot of driving. It’s worth going with a choice that lets you pick up the keys at Perth Airport.

Quite a few entertainment options might also need to be booked ahead. You might want to consider contacting them in advance to be sure.

You’re Not Going To See Everything

When many people travel to Australia for the first time, they envision koalas and kangaroos, among a few other things. If you go into it with this in mind, you might be disappointed.

That’s especially true when it comes to the wildlife. You’re likely not going to see everything you thought you would.

Cities have developed and expanded quite fast in Australia. You’re not likely to see many wild animals wandering around.

If you’re set on seeing a few specific animals, it could be worth visiting a wildlife park while you’re there. The good news with this is that you’re also unlikely to come across any dangerous animals.

Travelling To Australia: Wrapping Up

If you’re travelling to Australia for the first time, you might have a certain image in your mind. It’s not all beaches, deserts, and deadly animals, however.

The unique and expansive country has quite a lot to offer. It’s worth having a plan before you go. You’ll be much better prepared to enjoy your vacation when you’re there.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that there isn’t a tipping culture in the country. While you might feel as though you should, you don’t have to. That could make it more budget-friendly than you’d think.

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