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11 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Melbourne

For anybody that’s travelling to Australia and is wondering where to go, Melbourne is one of those that is an absolute crowd-pleaser. There are many destinations in Australia that offer beaches and hot weather, but Melbourne is far more unique than that! Australia has beaches and seaside towns but Melbourne gives you something extra. Why is Melbourne one of those places you’ve got to tick off your travel bucket list? 

The Variety of Nightlife

There are plenty of nightclubs in Melbourne, but there are so many options depending on what you want. If you want to go and dance, you can, but if you are looking for something with rock music, jazz, or just want to relax on the many rooftop bars, there is something for everybody! Melbourne offers a variety of nightlife that will cater to anybody. 

An Amazing Layout

For any tourist, it’s important to find a place that is easy to navigate. Because the street’s layout and transport system are easy to figure out, you can be a pro on the tram instantly, especially when compared to a place like Sydney, where there is very little in the way of structure. What’s more, the city provides free trams throughout the downtown area if you don’t want to venture too far. Even if you’re not feeling too adventurous that day, and you want to see the main attractions, you can get around for free! 


Melbourne is a cultural mix unlike anywhere on the planet, and if you are looking for a place that encapsulates its diversity, you can throw a dart and land on one of the many places in Melbourne, but if you are looking for one part of Melbourne where you’re entering into another world, Chinatown in central Melbourne is a place you’ve got to venture to! So many cities have their own form of Chinatown, but the Melbourne version has something extra: that authenticity! There are so many opportunities to grab noodles, sweet and sour pork, and, of course, delicious dim sum! 

The Food Scene in General

We can’t talk about Chinatown without talking about places like Carlton. Incredibly diverse in terms of its dining selections, if you are a foodie the loves to experiment, there’s too much to choose from! Whether you are vegan or you are after sushi with fresh seafood, it’s safe to say that the city takes its food incredibly seriously. Melbourne is never one to lag behind in terms of culinary trends, and you could spend your entire time in Melbourne just going from place to place (and meal to meal)! 

All of the Events and Festivals

If you love cultural events where everybody is up close and personal, Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne showcases its love for the arts. From Melbourne Fashion Week to all the music festivals that occur all year round, you always have something to do. 

The Music Scene

If you don’t want to venture to the music festivals but would rather take in the vibe of the music of Melbourne, you can find numerous venues that cover jazz, rock, and blues. You will always find amazing performers busking on the streets, and it’s these that make you truly take in the laid-back vibe that Melbourne is so famous for. 

The Coffee Culture

There are so many trendy cafes around every turn, and Melbourne is known for some of the best cups of Joe in all of Australia. The fact is that there’s too much to choose from; whether you need to get energised or are looking for a dose of cafe culture, you will never have to go far!

St. Kilda

We can talk about beaches in Australia until we are blue in the face, but if you just want to venture outside of the city, St. Kilda has a number of fine dining experiences, cafes, and cake shops to choose from. A little oceanfront getaway with a pier, you can sit down with your favourite ice cream and watch the boats coming in and out of the harbour. Get there on the weekend and you can go to the market every Sunday to sample a variety of amazing food. 

The Sports

Melbourne has been known as the sporting capital of the world, and while it’s home to major tournaments like the Australian Open and the Formula 1 Grand Prix, you’ve got to take in an Aussie Rules football game! An incredibly unique experience, all with its own bonkers rules, even if you aren’t a sports enthusiast, this may help turn you for good! Even if you don’t love sports, the culture that comes along with any sporting event is something that will sweep you up instantly. 

Do You Want To Go Skiing?

Yes, skiing! While the weather is pretty good most of the year in Victoria, it can have a less than tropical climate in the winter months. So if you really want to spend some time in a winter wonderland, you can venture to Mount Buller, Falls Creek, or Hotham. Yes, you actually have a choice! 

All the Backpackers! 

If you are travelling solo and backpacking your way around Australia, Melbourne is the perfect opportunity to meet other travellers. If you are travelling on a Working Holiday Visa, it’s likely you will end up in Melbourne or Sydney for the long term, meaning you will find plenty of like-minded people. 

Melbourne is a diverse place that will give you many amazing memories. From the nightlife to the skiing, sports, and, of course, the food and coffee, you are hard pushed to find anywhere in Australia that ticks so many boxes! Melbourne is one of those places that can sometimes suffer from four seasons in one day and have a lot of traffic, but these are merely a couple of blips on the radar when you think just how much Melbourne can offer you. Melbourne is one of the best cities out there, not just in Australia, but in the entire world!

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