Question: Stay at a Hotel or a Luxury Private Villa?

There’s no doubt that 5-star hotels offer the most luxurious experience with upscale hospitality and a wide range of facilities. However, vacation goers are shifting their tastes towards a more relaxed vacation stay in luxury private villas. The reasons travelers place a stronger emphasis on staying in villas rather than hotels include more privacy, independence and wellness.

Luxury vacation villas have become a trend and an elevated vacation option that has redefined the hospitality industry with more personalized vacation accommodations at exotic locations. Additionally, impressive weather and a perfect stay in a beach vacation retreat with alluring sun view hardly need any expansive explanation. There’s everything to adore about a touch of tropical wonder, a private place where the sky is blue, the sands are attractive, and villa stays are mesmerizing with infinity pools making them a total luxury.

They offer complete privacy

Who wants to spend their beautiful vacation days surrounded by strangers with kids, people quarreling for sun loungers by the pool or your neighbors making weird noises during a drinking session at night? Vacations are for relaxing with the people you love and accommodating in a villa means you have the entire place for yourself. From kitchen to lounge space to infinity pools, you can have privacy.

They have more spacious indoor and outdoor space

Most villas are located in a secluded place far away from the country’s hustle and bustle, so you know you are away from crowds in an open space. For added relaxation and comfort, St. Thomas virgin island villas offer ample indoor and outdoor space. They are designed with grand living rooms, beautiful bedrooms, and huge terraces with infinity pools. Any number of family members or friends can accommodate in a private villa for endless fun and party nights.

They offer fantastic in-villa amenities

The greatest unique selling point of villas is that they offer their world of wonder with spectacular villa amenities and features. The unique amenities of villas make them different from hotels and this is why travelers prefer living in villas more. Private villas make all the difference with private kitchens, infinity pools, in-villa cinemas, gyms, games rooms, and private dining experience, views to blue sky and sunrises and sunsets. 

They offer total exclusivity 

Apart from getting all the fantastic facilities, you will enjoy exclusive access to all of them without any hassle or wait such as in a hotel. Moreover, life in private villas becomes more pleasant as you can use a wide range of villa amenities at your own time and leisure without having to share them with other guests or visitors. Furthermore, you can also opt for custom yoga sessions, guided exercise programs, professional cooking classes from a chef and much more to your convenience and all in the safety of your oceanfront villa.

They offer full access to surrounding outdoor beauty

The busy schedules and globalization have made people surrounded by concrete walls, staying indoors most of the time. Therefore, vacations are a great opportunity to come out and feel the sun, breathe in the fresh air and embrace the outdoors. St. Thomas Island villas offer everything, including sunrise and sunset views along with majestic beach views right from inside the villas. Moreover, you can experience the island’s beauty by spending most of your time doing water activities, sunbathing, and watching marine life.

They offer services of the dedicated staff

Luxury vacation villas ensure every guest’s requirements are met with complete satisfaction and hence they offer highly capable, dedicated and professional staff. Unlike hotels, staffing is rotated according to shifts; however, a private villa offers dedicated professionals ensuring you will deal with the same staff throughout your stay. Hence you need not explain your requirements to every staff now and then. 

To wrap upThe oceanfront villas bring a sense of relaxation in a paradise setting, far from the crowd, and are an ideal private lifestyle retreat that you can enjoy with your friends and family. After a whole long day of adventures, water sports, surfing, and exploring, private villas give you a relaxing and healing space where none will bother or disturb you. A hotel has many guests who use mutual corridors and walkways that sometimes become disturbing. However, a private villa gives you all the privacy and silence without any third-party disturbance. You can spend the evenings peacefully and remove the whole day’s stress to wake up super fresh in the morning

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