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Review: Bitterley Shepherd’s Rest Near Ludlow

What feels like a lifetime ago, was only something we did back in February. A stay in Bitterley Shepherd’s Rest near Ludlow, the perfect little staycation that wasn’t too far from home.

Described as a “charming shepherds hut with breath-taking views across Shropshire and short distance to Ludlow, ideal for a couple (and a dog) keen to escape their busy lives and to enjoy serenity for a while“.

This is a trip, Luke and I took back in February, during Storm Dudley which was not ideal. There were a few occasions in my little car that I wish never happened, such as roads being closed, stupid flood water and getting caught on the grass when a tractor needed to pass us (luckily the farmer was kind enough to push us out, but I’m sure he thought how foolish we were. At least we can laugh about the experience now though).

Other than the awful weather (which in February in the UK what should we expect), this was the perfect little adventure we needed and the first holiday that we took our dog Eddie on. We explored Ludlow castle, Clun Castle, Buildwas Abbey, Wenlock Priory and several pubs (reviews to follow shortly on these historic places).

So if you are looking for a place to stay in Ludlow or fancy a romantic getaway in a Shepherd’s Hut, then keep on reading.

Review of The Shepherd’s Hut

  • Easy to book: 5/5
  • Cleanliness: 5/5
  • Amenties Available: 4/5
  • Location: 5/5
  • Value for Money: 5/5

For our first stay in a Shepherd’s Hut this was a very enjoyable experience. Luke was worried that it would be too small with Eddie, but I think you’ll agree, Eddie managed to make himself very comfortable.

Luke was a little worried at first about the space – Shepherd’s Huts are known to be cosy. He had nothing to worry about, there was plenty of storage space under the bed, big enough for two large suitcases if you decided to pack that much.

There was a lovely welcome pack when we arrived, including crisps, biscuits, tea, coffee and some bubbly. They also provided washing up liquid, soap, toilet roll and some shampoo in the bathroom. You’ll find plenty of cups, plates and saucepans, all that you could really need.

The only things that this Shepherd’s Hut was missing was some instructions on how to use the equipment in the Hut. There’s a TV and a mini oven, which we managed to work out after a minute. But some instructions would have been very welcomed.

I also would have liked if they had written a quick guide about what to do in the local area, like what pubs they recommend, where the nearest shops are, what footpaths are close by etc. I know that we can always Google things like this, but one this place didn’t have WiFi and two, the locals always know better than Google.

We spent most of the days exploring (we stayed for two nights), so we didn’t cook much food here other than bacon for breakfast Sunday morning. The evenings that we spent most of our time in the Hut were very cosy though.

The fireplace certainly was a nice little touch. They did have a plug in radiator for us to use and although we never felt super cold, it was a nice additional touch, particularly with it being February.

The fireplace did take a while to get going, they had provided plenty of wood and cardboard, as well as matches. We did end up buying some firelighters just for ease, so I’d recommend taking them with you. Although I think the fire struggled to catch just because the chimney was cold (potentially it hadn’t been used for a while) and the wind outside really wasn’t helping.

Once lit though, it did help create a magical and cosy little space. We spent most of the evening chatting, enjoying the peace and quiet that this area provided. It should be noted that you have got the main house right behind you wouldn’t even notice they were they.

The owners didn’t really interact with us, other than leaving the food basket with all the goodies, which for me was perfect. My only negative about this place (and it was probably more to do with bad timing), was that when we arrived and got Eddie out the car, their dog was outside and off the leash and they didn’t have much control over it as it ran straight up to Eddie. Now I know these things happen, but with it being Eddie’s first holiday and him being a nervous dog (we knew this when we adopted him), it wasn’t exactly ideal.

Remember, just because you might shout out that your dog is friendly does not mean that it is okay for it to come running up to my dog.

On our last day, we woke up to some gorgeous skies, even Eddie was impressed and didn’t want to leave. We had to be out my 10am, and since we were up early this gave us plenty of time to get everything in the car and do a quick tidy up before we left.

This was a very enjoyable stay and I’m pleased that we went, even with the rain and all that. It was our first holiday away together as a family (I’m including Eddie as our fur baby in this) and we will definitely be looking at doing Shepherd Huts again in the future.

If you are looking for a romantic, cosy and easy holiday to book then this is probably the one for you. Just be prepared to cuddle up with your partner in bed, and being close to them during your stay. If the weather is nice, then at least at this Shepherd’s Hut you’ve got little fenced off area so could sit outside outside if you wanted, but Luke and I didn’t fancy sitting in the rain.

Summary of Bitterley Shepherd’s Rest

When it comes to staying in a Shepherd’s Hut, Bitterley Shepherd’s Rest has it all. From the great views, fantastic value for money and stunning interior, it was like a home away from home, just a lot smaller. If you are looking for a romantic getaway near Ludlow, then this is the one for you. I highly recommend.

2 thoughts on “Review: Bitterley Shepherd’s Rest Near Ludlow

  1. Thanks for sharing your review, it looks like a lovely place to stay, with all the things that you need, I agree with you that instructions for the TV and what to do locally should have been included. As a non-dog owner I’m too unhappy when people let their dogs off the lead, then say “oh it’s friendly” just control your dog silly person


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