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Explore America’s 5 Most Stunning Motorcyle Roads for Your Next Vacation

Motorcyclists cannot stay away from their motorcycles for long. They need to have their “motorcycle time” with no distractions, responsibilities, errands, and other life happenings pulling them away. To best fulfill this need, they pack their gear, randomly pick a scenic motorcycle destination, and hit the road. 

While this is a great way to explore the country and enjoy freedom of riding on new roads, sometimes these impulsive motorcycle trips lead you to an ordinary motorcycle road that you have either visited before or it lacks the thrill and view that are the key elements of an enjoyable motorcycle trip. 

In this article, we bring you America’s five most unique motorcycle roads that are a perfect blend of adventure and breathtaking vistas.

Cascade Loop Washington 

The 440-mile long surreal cascade loop is Washington’s most iconic motorcycle ride and a token of admiration for its natural beauty. As you ride your motorcycle on this picturesque road, you will get to experience the best of Washington’s vistas and landscapes.The Cascade Loop comprises three scenic byways including the Stevens Pass, Whidbey Scenic Isle, and the North Cascade Byway. 

Once you get on the Cascade loop, ride past the city of Everett over to the Steven Pass. You’ll be surrounded by lush green forests hiding gushing streams.  From Stevens Pass, get on the Whidbey Isle highway for a dramatic change in the scenery. The forests will be replaced with rocky landscapes and blue seas. Next, you can explore the glaciers and snow-covered mountains of Washington by riding on the North Cascade road.  

From here, head over to the heavenly North Cascade National Park near Ross Lake best known for its azure waters and surrounding coniferous forests. If you ride past the North Cascade Park, you will arrive at the common point of the Stagit and Methow valleys. 

Those riding toward the Cascade Loop from Seattle should definitely stop at the Diablo Dam. The dam’s striking green water coupled with the green of the forest creates a unique scenery. Suffice to say, the magical beauty will enchant you, compelling you to get off your motorcycle and admire it.  

Independence Pass

Colorado is a beautiful state and even more so in the summer. One of its legendary motorcycle rides, the Independence Pass stretches from Aspen to Twin Lakes and is the perfect getaway for the season. This second highest highway in America is a steep road built approximately 12,095 feet above sea level. Due to its altitude, twisties, sharp turns, and narrow roads, the Pass is open for rides in May and closes as November approaches as snowfall makes it even more dangerous to ride. But even in warm seasons the route is too much to handle for inexperienced motorcycle riders. 

For some reason, the snow covered regions of Aspen and Snowmass look even more breathtaking with no snow to veil its beauty. Glenwood Springs is a popular destination among motorcyclists who love to enjoy a soothing dip in the hot springs of the Iron Mountain. With relaxed muscles, you will be ready to explore all that this route and the surrounding landscape has in store for you, so don’t miss out on this one.  

Coastal Route 1 

No words can describe the serene beauty of 230-mile long Coastal Route 1.  Built along the magnificent shores of Maine, it is a top favorite among motorcyclists. While riding on this road, your best moment would include majestic  mountains and dreamy ocean scenes with lighthouses illuminating the night and making the ocean water glitter. 

You can easily find a local restaurant serving the seafood you have ever tasted in your life along the road. Make sure to ask locals for the best place to satisfy your seafood cravings when riding on Coastal Route 1. What starts out as a one-day trip ends up becoming a week-long trip, so plan your Coastal Route 1 ride extensively as it will be a ride of your lifetime. 

Alaska Highway

A trip to the 1400-mile long Alaska Highway will be a lengthy one. Hence, anyone short on time or planning a quick trip won’t be able to do justice to this stunning motorcycle road. With plenty of comfortable motorcycle-friendly accommodations available along the road, you can easily plan out a week-long trip to explore the attractions of this highway at a leisurely pace. 

When on Alaska Highway, it is extremely important to strike a balance between your motorcycle riding time and sight-seeing time. As the attractions of this Highway generously add to the experience. 

After riding for 471 miles on the Alaska Highway, you can stop to enjoy a relaxing moment at the Laird Hot Springs and even soak yourself in the warm water to loosen up your tight muscles. At the 600 mile mark, you arrive at Watson Lake and Alaska’s landmark, the signpost forest.

The Highway also leads to Yukon Beringia, a great attraction to learn about the otherworldly beauty and stunning landscape of Northern Canada. 

Northwest Passage Byway

Located in Idaho, the 202 mile long Northwest Byway starts at Lewiston and is a perfect combination of mighty peaks and scenic riverscape. When on this road, you will get an opportunity to ride through the Camas Prairie, Scenic River, Clearwater River Canyon, and Lochsa Wild. The ride ends at Lolo Pass which is a destination in itself as it borders the state of Montana. The Northwest Byway not only boasts geological beauty, but it is also rich in the history of Lewis and Clark – America’s greatest explorers of all times who discovered the Snake and Clearwater Rivers in 1805.  


If you may have observed, all of the roads mentioned above have a combination of mountain vistas, seascape or another beautiful waterbody and lush greenery. So wherever you decide to go, a complete scenery will grace your eyes. 

The only question that remains is where should you head first? Let the child within you decide by picking a chit or throwing a dart at the map. Once you have your answer, ride to your destination like there is no tomorrow. 

Once you tick all the roads mentioned in this, read off your riding checklist, draw inspiration from these suggestions and create a list of motorcycle roads that you would like to explore next.  

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