10 Useful Tips for Adventurous Motorcycle Tours – A Beginner’s Guide

Motorcycle tours can be life-changing in a good way, but sometimes life may throw a curveball at you leaving you disappointed. To make sure that each time you decide on a motorcycle ride or destination, book your motorcycle rental, and hit the road results in a successful trip, Viking Bags will share some useful tips so you can have the motorcycle tour of your life. 

Not only will these tips simplify your tour planning, but they will also help you enjoy the otherwise hectic process. Undoubtedly, there is immense thrill and adventure in exploring uncharted roads with no particular plan or route to follow. However, it can be inconvenient at times. Hence, it is prudent that you pack mindfully and research extensively about your destination and rental service – if you are not riding your own motorcycle – so that there are no surprises to ruin your trip. 

To help you get started, we have put together a list of quick tips that will help you plan your motorcycle tour better. 

  1. Commit to Your Dates 

Have you ever found yourself about to fulfill your dream of riding like a free-spirit and exploring the exquisite beauty of your country only to cancel the plan at the last minute? 

Most of the time a work or family commitment disturbs your plan to travel. This can be avoided if you set the date of your travel, and then let everyone at work and in your family know that you are not open to any commitments during this period. Others will respect your commitment, only when you prioritize and respect it first. 

Once you gain some experience and become comfortable with the idea of traveling, maybe then you can introduce some flexibility to your plans. But as a beginner, you need to push yourself and take the plunge. 

Not to forget, you can plan your other responsibilities and priorities around your trip. 

  1. Know Your Ride Well 

Beginners planning to hit the daunting and scenic highways need to polish their riding skills because some motorcycle roads are not for inexperienced riders. The last thing you want is to be transported to a hospital. So make sure you spend some time with your ride before hitting the interstates. 

If you do not own a motorcycle and plan to rent one, then at least rent it for one extra day just so you get to know the features and unique mechanics of your new rental.  

  1. Self Tour vs. Guided Tour 

Beginners should also approach a motorcycle tour agency as part of their motorcycle tour planning. Guided tours are costly, but they are a great help to keep you committed to the plan. Moreover, through guided tours you have a chance to interact with more motorcyclists of different riding skills and experience. The tour agencies take care of the route, accomodations, logistics and other arrangements. In addition to these facilities, you won’t have to worry about dealing with a broken motorcycle as they carry extra motorcycles and also bring along road assistance to fix the ride en route. 

If you prefer riding alone, then a self-guided tour is also an option. A tour agency will help you carve out a route for yourself allowing you to explore at your own pace. 

  1. Go for Motorcycle Rentals 

Thanks to EagleRider and Hertz Ride, riding the latest and powerful motorcycle on a long haul has become a dream come true. With these rental platforms, renting a motorcycle has become a straightforward process, and you get the freedom to choose from a large selection of touring motorcycles. Their “drop it at a different location” policy makes it even more convenient to rent and ride.  

This way you don’t have to go through the hassle of shipping a motorcycle to another state or risk damaging it. 

Just make sure that the rental you are borrowing matches your riding ability. A heavy tourer would be much more difficult to handle on a narrow and steep highway than a lightweight cruiser. So request a trial before renting, and rent the one you can actually ride. 

  1. Motorcycle Luggage & the Art of Packing Light

Just like a motorcycle’s stability and handling is important, when planning your tour and booking your motorcycle rental, you should give equal importance to the storage capacity of a motorcycle. When you have applied for a guided tour, a support vehicle carries all the luggage, but on a self-guided tour you don’t have that facility. 

Motorcycle luggage and travel accessories add to the motorcycle’s weight affecting its maneuverability. Therefore, you would need to select a motorcycle with enough storage that you can pack your essentials without filling it beyond its capacity and increasing its weight. 

  1. Plan Summer Explorations at First 

Experiencing different weather conditions and seasons is part of a motorcycle adventure. But beginners should consciously plan their trips in warmer seasons – preferably summer and fall. 

Most roads are closed in winter, and even if they are open for riding, they aren’t safe for novice riders. If you must travel in winters, try opting for a warmer city or state. In all cases, avoid harsh weather conditions for an enjoyable and relaxing motorcycle tour. 

  1. Ride 200 miles a Day 

Experienced motorcycle riders love boasting about their 500 mile long daily excursions. Inspiring as it is, beginners should not ride more than 200-miles-a-day. 

Riding is fun, but it requires stamina. Jumping from not riding at all to riding 300 plus miles a day will be taxing on your body and your vehicle. 

Even if your motorcycle can take the distance , it is better not to test it. Allow yourself to gradually develop riding stamina and enjoy the trip without pressuring yourself with extreme riding goals. 

  1. Take Frequent Fuel Brakes 

Motorcycle fuel gauges aren’t always reliable especially if you are riding a rented two-wheeler. The route you are riding on might not have many gas stations. If you come across a gas station in a small village or town, make sure you stop and fill up your tank. You don’t know how far away the next gasoline station would be. So don’t hesitate to stop for a fuel check after every 25-30 miles. 

A fuel check app can also come in handy when riding in a “no service stretch.” 

  1. Spend Time Off Your Ride 

Make sure you plan to stop at a scenic location or popular attraction to enjoy your surroundings and capture the moment. When you return from your trip, these moments will be the most cherished ones. 

  1. Book Local Lodgings 

Depending on your budget, you can book a five star lodging or a room in a local motorcycle-friendly hotel, which is surrounded by a vibrant community, local bars, and eateries, during your motorcycle tour. We suggest you opt for the latter – even if you can afford “fancy” accommodations – as it will allow you to experience the life of the locals more closely, make lasting friendships, and collect unforgettable memories. 


With these ten tips, we hope you got the road map to planning the best motorcycle adventure of your life. Our final tip for you is to stop waiting and plan out your motorcycle tour as soon as you finish reading this article!

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