4 Reasons to Go on a Cycling Holiday

If you’re looking for a different kind of vacation this year, why not consider a cycling holiday? It’s a fantastic way to explore a new destination, turning your trip into a self-powered journey with several stops along the way. A cycling holiday can be for anyone, from pro athletes all the way to families with young children. There are options for all ages, abilities, and demographics.

To help you make up your mind, here are four great reasons to go on a cycling holiday.

A new perspective

If, like most people, your holidays involve staying in a hotel and visiting the most popular landmarks, beaches, and restaurants in the area, you are only seeing one side of your destination. But travelling on two wheels allows you to break away from the tourist trappings and see the real country. Each day you’ll have a new route to explore that will take you into small villages, forests, rural lanes, and mountain landscapes. You’ll have the opportunity to meet locals and stop in authentic shops and restaurants that don’t cater to hordes of sightseers. Whether it’s a bike tour in Sicily, an epic cycle across South America, or leisure meander around the Netherlands, you know you are getting a real experience.

Low cost

If you do it right, a cycling holiday can be considerably cheaper than a traditional one. You can go for the luxury option of staying in fancy hotels each night and having your luggage transferred, but it’s not mandatory. If you prefer to save money, you could sleep in campsites or wild camp under the stars. You don’t even have to travel internationally – it’s perfectly possible to have a cycling tour of your country starting and finishing at your own front door. You will need to buy food and supplies along the way but you can do this cheaply by shopping in supermarkets and avoiding expensive dining establishments. If you already own a suitable bike, then that’s one expense already crossed off the list, but you can purchase or hire touring bicycles at relatively reasonable rates.

The healthy option

We are all guilty of overdoing it on holiday. Eating too much, drinking excessively, and spending the best part of two weeks lounging lazily by the pool. But a cycling holiday allows you to transform your fitness without even realising it. You’ll be so engrossed in the beautiful surroundings and fascinating culture, that you’ll barely notice your stamina increasing and your muscles growing. No matter how much food you consume to fuel yourself, you will lend the trip several pounds lighter with toned calves and a healthy glow.

Environmental impact

Everyone needs to be a little more conscious of their carbon footprint, especially related to travel. The aviation industry has a huge impact on the environment, so it’s a good idea to limit your reliance on flying. Cycling, however, causes no pollution, and avoids the need to travel by plane, car or other means. Your enjoyment of your trip will be increased by the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the planet.

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