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Top Tips for Exploring England in Style

If you asked 100 tourists what they want to see during their visit to England, London attractions are likely to dominate the results and there are plenty of things that you can do in London. However, this beautiful country has so much more to offer than Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. 

When looking to organise a short domestic break, a clear action plan will serve you well. Focus on the four tips below, and your adventures will be everything you wanted and more.

  1. Consider A Cycling Tour

England is blessed with many beautiful cycling routes that take in a range of interesting towns and quaint villages. Experts like Cycling Holidays UK will manage all the planning aspects so that you can focus on the day’s ride and stop-offs. You will take in many sights that other vacation types simply cannot match. Moreover, a guilt-free meal and glass of wine will be the perfect reward after your travels. 

It is a particularly popular option for people who love the outdoors or want to maintain their fitness. However, it can be equally rewarding for people from all backgrounds and fitness levels.

2- Discover The Hidden Gems

From top to bottom, England is littered with fascinating destinations. They are bursting with adventures and places to discover. Hidden gems like Alnwick in Northumberland will deliver things that other tourist spots cannot. Whether it’s embracing the natural beauty and landscapes or checking out historical castles is up to you. The unique stories you gain will be far more interesting than the bog standard trips.

In many cases, adventures await even just one or two towns over. A quick look online will soon identify the opportunities in your county or neighbouring counties. This will be the perfect chance to find a short break.

3- Take To The Skies

When you want to see England from a fresh perspective, trying new locations isn’t the only option. The big cities like London and Manchester can be viewed from up high courtesy of UK Helicopter Tours. Some are built with photography in mind while others are focused solely on the joy of flying. Either way, it is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that delivers memories that you will treasure forever.

In addition to exploring England in this way, cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Cardiff are great options. Even if you’ve seen those locations many times, the fresh outlook will provide something extra special.

4- Embrace A Holiday Park

Holiday parks are an ideal solution for families and travel parties that spread out over several generations. While the majority of the adventures will be available on your temporary doorstep, you can also explore the local area. For example, Centre Parcs at Longleat has Crockerton, Frome, and other fun places to explore in the local area. Enjoy a mixture of those ideas and the on-site adventures will be great.

This type of holiday can get a little expensive but it should be noted that budgeting is a lot easier as many of the tasks are included in the costs. It’s certainly not for everyone, but can be a great way to see some of what this country has to offer.

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