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5 Reasons You Need to Visit Florida

If you haven’t been to Florida before, you’re in luck! But even if you have, the Sunshine State has enough happening in it to support multiple visits and family excursions. Not only does Florida offer the theme parks you might expect, but it also has history and cultural traditions.  

Theme Parks 

Florida is home to some world-renowned theme parks, which is why people make a point of visiting the state at least once in their lives. Florida is an excellent place to visit if you have a young family because you can take a trip to Disney World, Universal Studios, and much more. 

Along with theme parks, Florida offers some amazing deals on resort holidays and cruises, so you can book the holiday of a lifetime without breaking the bank. If you want more information on booking flights, hotels, cruises, and theme parks in Florida, visit today. 

Natural Locations 

Whether you want a break from the theme parks or you prefer a destination holiday with a nature focus, Florida has everything you need. Home to the Everglades – a 1.5 million acre area of wetland – and the Florida Reef, there is no shortage of nature to see and memories to make. 

When you visit the Everglades with your family, you will hire an airboat that is piloted by a professional. These airboats skim the surface of the marshes and take you to see some rare and iconic creatures like turtles and alligators. You can also snorkel around the Florida Reef.    

Fantastic Beaches 

Florida has 825 miles of beach around its coast, so there is no shortage of sand and sea if you want a beach holiday with your family. Take a break from the heat of the theme parks and go on a beach day where you can enjoy time in the sun, tanning, snorkeling, fishing, or water sports. 

Since there are so many beaches in the Florida area, you have ready access to a beach no matter where you stay. For this reason, it makes sense to think of the beach as a secondary perk to a Florida holiday. Visit the theme parks and plan in the occasional beach excursion.


With so much to see and do in Florida, it’s no wonder there is also plenty of entertainment to enjoy in the state. Florida offers some fantastic malls for shopping trips, restaurants for foodies, and open-air clubs if you like to party. There is also some excellent nightlife if you’re inclined. 

Visiting Florida for a family holiday or a couples holiday is not for those that want to sit back and relax. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t spend your time in Florida with your feet up in a nice villa, but with so much entertainment on offer, it’s better to invest in comfortable shoes. 

History and Culture

If you think Florida is a bit artificial and lacks history and tradition, you would be mistaken. In fact, Florida has a rich cultural heritage that is influenced by British, Cuban, French, and Jewish traditions. There are also some unmissable museums in Florida for science and history. 

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