Wings by Aprilynne Pike – Book Review

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Title: Wings (you can Buy on Amazon here)

Author: Aprilynne Pike

Published: 5th May 2009

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult

Pages: 371

Format: E-Book

Rating: ***** (5/5 Stars)

About: An extraordinary faerie tale of magic and mystery, romance and danger, described by Stephenie Meyer as ‘a remarkable debut’.

Laurel is an ordinary fifteen-year-old high school girl. But something incredible is happening to her. She is changing.

Now Laurel is about to discover that a deep and powerful magic holds the key to her destiny.

Review: I know they say never judge a book by its cover but the first reason why I looked at the book was the cover. It’s quite captivating and most certainly looks magical.

Once I started reading this book, I was hooked. This book has been written so clearly and in such a great way, that it is so easy to fall in love with it. It was very easy to picture all the descriptions, the way the flower on her back bloomed, the relationships between the characters.

The characters are well developed and likable and the story is captivating, filled with magic, adventure, and romance.

I loved the relationship between David and Laurel, they each obviously care for each other and then there is this added drama of a lump on her back PLUS Tam showing up. Oh, it was an absolute thrill to read.

There are quite a few twists and turns and it’ll keep you guessing until the very end about how things will turn out, which is absolutely brilliant and what is even better is that you have magic mixed into all of this.

And I mean, I love magic in books. They become the perfect escape to everyday life, but this book truly captures the essence of what I’m looking for when it comes to reading. I want to be completely transported into another world and this book does it perfectly.

It is admittedly, a young teen novel, but that shouldn’t put you off. The writing is basic, but if I’m reading a book for fun, rather than for university, I don’t want to be deciphering the hidden meaning in the structure of the sentence. I just want to read the book and enjoy it.

This is a gripping tale, that I could not put down until the end and subsequentially ended up buying the rest of the series (there are four books in total).

This book has a story to tell. It doesn’t pause or keep you waiting. But it isn’t rushed either. It’s the perfect balance to keep you entertained from the start until the end.

Totally unputdownable.

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