Make it Happen – Film Review

Title: Make it Happen

Age: PG

Released: 8th August 2008

Director: Darren Grant

Genre: Drama, Coming of Age, Teen, Romance, Dance

Rating: ** (2/5 stars)

About: Embarking on a journey to fulfill her dreams as a dancer, a young girl discovers a new style of dance that will prove to be the source of both conflict and self-discovery.

Review: Um, it’s not the greatest film.

On the blurb, it says it’s from the co-writers of’Step Up’ or ‘Save the Last Dance’, but what were they thinking? Clearly, they are not the same people because the only obvious link is the fact that people do dance in this film, yes, but it shouldn’t be compared to these good films.

There is a lot of energy that has gone into this movie, and there are some nice scenic shots. It might be considered good if there weren’t any other films about people who are aspiring dancers but this one just seems cheap in comparison.

Firstly, the first twenty minutes are her preparing for an audition which you know she is going to fall because it says so on the blurb.

Then there’s the overly kind girl who lets her stay in her house even though she is a stranger? Does this actually happen in real life? I mean I know she was upset because she didn’t get in but I do wonder. . .

I was hoping that this film would be good because I like Mary Elizabeth Winstead as she has star quality. But I don’t think this was the right film for her.

It tries to be funny, it tries to show a good friendship between all the characters, it tries for there to be romance, but it doesn’t quite work.

And it’s all very obvious how things will pan out. Of course, she’s going to get accepted at the end because this film is all about happy endings. Which is why the one girl who is a bitch in this film all of a sudden turns nice at the end and then there’s also the brother which finally supports her at the end.  I understand that it’s meant to be a feel-good movie, but it just doesn’t really work for me.

I didn’t even like the dancing sections – I don’t know why but I just felt awkward watching them.

I mean it was ok to watch, but I won’t be watching it again for a while.

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