Knife by R. J. Anderson – Book Review

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Title: Knife (you can Buy on Amazon here)

Author: R. J. Anderson

Published: 7th January 2010

Publisher: Orchard Books

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Magic, Young Adult

Pages: 324

Format: E-Book

Rating: ***** (5/5 Stars)

About: “Knife woke in a cold sweat, the torn edge of her wing sizzling with pain. How long had she lain unconscious? Her worst fears had come to pass: she was trapped, flightless, a prisoner. The humans had put her in a box, and now they had come to torment her…”

Once upon a time, a fairy is born. She lives in an old oak tree at the bottom of a garden with the rest of the fairy folk. Never has she known a time when life hasn’t been hard, with many dangers and much adversity. But when she becomes the Hunter of the group and learns to do battle in the outside world, her adventures really take off.

Don’t read this book if you’re expecting fairy dust – the last thing Knife is likely to wield is a magic wand…

Review: This cover LIES!

It seems more middle school oriented than young adult, although lets face it, it is stunning and I’m a sucker for a good book cover.

But this review isn’t just about the book cover, even though it is perfect for grabbing people’s attention, this review is about the story itself.

This isn’t your typical faery book, there is some magical element but there’s also danger and a true sense of being. When you read this book you need to forget everything you thought you knew about faeries because this book is something that is completely different.

This book builds from the beginning to the end. At first, I thought this was just your typical book, but by the end it became something much more. BUT what I love about this book is that it feels so familar and yet so unfamilar at the same time.

The characters are described in such detail in this book that they really do stand out. I can picture them all so vividly and I loved that about this book.

The character of Knife, herself, is just so interesting because she has an attitude of not giving up. She is determined to win. She is a fearless faery intent on finding out the truth of her people’s past, when she befriends a human friend, Paul.

Paul is charming and he’s different. Unlike Knife, his character seems to have given up on the world, and him being in a wheelchair plays some part in this and it was really upsetting to read about how being in a wheelchair affected him. But then Knife turned up and that changed everything.

I do strongly believe that for people to have a good life, it does depend on the people you surround yourself with and this is true in this book because without Knife who knows what would have happened to Paul.

These two characters are great together. Their personailties go great together and they always made me smile in the scenes when it was just the two of them. They fitted perfectly together. Even with the romance in the book, what was great was that it wasn’t the main focus. It was there, just in the background at times. The main focus was Knife’s will power to save everyone and bring magic back.

Virtues of true love, self-sacrifice, and compassion were evident in this book.

As the blurb says though, Knife is not a fairytale. It’s something which is even better.

I higly recommend this book.

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