Christmas Film Countdown – 21

Only 20 more days till Christmas – that’s like nothing. We are so close (and yet so far *cry cry*).

Anyway, the film that I have chosen for today isn’t that long I’m afraid. I’ve picked it for that very reason though, because I know how busy some people can get over the Christmas  period, so I thought that in order for those people to not miss out on the Christmas films, I picked a very short film – 25 minutes (or there about) if you want details.

So here goes nothing. . .


images.jpegTitle: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Age: U

Released: 9th December 1965

Bill Melendez

Genre: Drama, Short Film

Rating: **** (4/5 stars)

About: Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer. And for Peanuts fans everywhere, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without this classic holiday delight. Christmas lights may be twinkling red and green, but Charlie Brown has the Yuletide blues. To get in the holiday spirit, he takes Lucy’s advice and directs the Christmas play. And what’s a Christmas play without a Christmas tree? But everyone makes fun of the short, spindly evergreen Charlie Brown brings back – until the real meaning of Christmas works its magic once again.

Review: Now I realise that you probably weren’t expecting me to put such a short film up, but it wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t see this on the tele or something.

It’s a classic in my mind.

One that conveys the perfect message behind Christmas (or messages really) – you have people coming together at the end. The smallest tree being picked and then turning into the best.

Then there’s Charlie Brown himself. A kid who starts off hating the Christmas month because he feels alone. I have to tell you I can really sympathise with him here at this point (honestly). If you are alone at the Christmas time, then it can suck. But you don’t need to be in a relationship, all you need is for good friends surrounding you — and that’s what happens at the end. They all come together, even if you think they wouldn’t.

This is really a sweet film, there’s nothing more really to say about it.

It’s perfect for people with a busy schedule or actually those who have all the time in the world.

It’s perfect for something to go on in the background, or even for those people who want to keep their kids entertained for a short while.

You don’t even have to be a child to enjoy this film. It certainly brings the magic of Christmas to all.

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