Sleepless in Seattle – Film Review

Title: Sleepless in Seattle

Age: PG

Released: 24th September 1993

Director: Nora Ephron

Genre: Drama, Romance

Rating: ***** (5/5 stars)

About: Realising that Sam has still not come to terms with his wife Maggie’s death, his eight-year-old son Jonah forces him to call a national radio talk show, with the hopes of finding him a companion.

Review: I mean who doesn’t love a story that involve Meg Ryan AND Tom Hanks in it?

I honestly would love for the pair of these to get back together and do another film. It would be so perfect! And yes I know they did You’ve Got Mail, but I’ve seen that and I would just love another one.

What isn’t to love about this film?

You’ve got a great cast, a good storyline, and a happy ending.

It’s the perfect film for anyone who is interested in a feel-good film. If you want a soppy romance without too much kissing then this film is perfect.

In fact (be warned, this is a slight spoiler) the couple doesn’t even get together until the very end of the film!

Although this is a romantic story, I found it more funny than romantic. There are a few comedic scenes in there. There’s one where Sam Baldwin (played by Tom Hanks) has a few of his friends round for a dinner. The woman starts to get emotional over a film scene and the men laugh about it, but then the men start to talk about another film and then they cry about that.

It’s silly things like that.

Like there’s one scene Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) is hiding in a closet with the phone and radio – it’s only a short clip but very funny.

I do have to say that every time I’ve watched this film I have always enjoyed it. There aren’t many movies that could be described as perfect, but I think this one is pretty much it.

Sure it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t think you can go wrong if you are after a light-hearted film, that is easy to follow and will make you feel happy at the end of it.

In some ways though, I guess you could say that the story doesn’t really make sense. I mean Annie was engaged to another man and then heard Sam on the radio.

From that moment onwards she knew he was the one.

She even traveled across America to go see him.

But then when you see the two staring at each other, you just know that they are meant to be.

And yes I know that this is only a film and that this sort of thing would probably never happen – but it’s just so cute!

Throughout the entire film, you’re sat there just willing the two of them to get together.

You get frustrated when Sam goes on a date with another woman (her laugh is just so annoying, but I guess that’s the whole point of her character).

Who knows what happens to her in the end, but she seemed nice enough. Anyway, she ends up being irrelevant, as all you can really care about (as a person watching the film), is that Sam and Annie get together. Somehow.

Which they do, it just takes the whole film for that to happen.

They at least cross paths a few times, but they take their time. Nerves seem to get the better of them. And the actors play these scenes perfectly. I honestly believed that they were there in the moment. Which just shows how great they are as actors.

This film is honestly just so perfect though – the visuals, the dialogue, the soundtrack, the actors. Oh, I love it so much.

This movie is a classic and it always will be. Nobody can change my mind on that.

15 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle – Film Review

  1. I know it’s a cliché, but they certainly don’t make them like this any more. I love Meg and Tom in this, and Joe Versus the Volcano and You’ve Got Mail, and they also shared some screen time in Ithaca a few years ago. Nice post. I love your enthusiasm for Sleepless in Seattle, it really shines through in your writing.

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      1. I always tell people, I doubt anyone could love Joe Versus the Volcano as much as I do. Which isn’t to blow my own trumpet, as they say, but just to warn you that what I see may not be what you see.

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  2. Oh wow! The film came out before I was born! It is great that you got to watch Sleepless in Seattle. Oh man, I know that frustration when characters (especially guys) are acting dumb. But glad that everything worked out in the storyline! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Nancy ♥

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  3. I watched this movie one time when it first came out (I’m dating myself here.) I actually forgot about it until your post. I’m sure we are all looking for interesting things to watch while we are stuck inside of our homes for a while so thank you for sharing your review! I might watch this again soon.


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