Born of Fire and Flood by Bryce Allen – Book Review

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Title: Born of Fire and Flood (you can Buy on Amazon here)

Author: Bryce Allen

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Pages: 221

Format: E-Book

Rating: **** (4/5 Stars)

About: Jenna was the quiet girl of her small village. She kept to herself, did her work, and dreamed of the day her adventure would begin. She was handy with a sword and quick witted, but she couldn’t leave… she wasn’t ready.

Without warning, a mysterious fire decimates her village, forcing Jenna to flee with a man she hardly knows. She soon finds out that he has dark secrets of his own.

Two secret worlds clash around her, and Jenna is forced into a world of Gods, magic, and power. Throughout it all, Jenna discovers a power within her that few can fathom. Will it be enough to save her?

Born of Fire and Flood is the first installation of the ‘Becoming the Goddess’ series. It is a fast paced romantic fantasy, with tones of epic and dark fantasy.

Review: I found this book on Reedsy, and you can check out my original review for it here. But for people who don’t follow me on there, just keep on reading for my review.

I don’t want to give anything away, but this book certainly takes you on an adventure. I’m a huge fan of fantasy/medieval style books, and this was a great mix of the two.

It was super easy to read, in fact, I read it all in just one sitting and it was exactly the sort of escape that I was looking for. I love a book that you can completely emerge yourself in and will help you forget the outside world.

When it comes to medieval/fantasy fiction, sometimes the authors can get too carried away when it comes to describing the settings, and sometimes that can be really distracting, but that wasn’t the case with this book. 

I feel that the author gave the perfect amount of descriptiveness regarding what was happening, explaining the fantasy side of things, etc. Nothing was over-complicated and I liked how the story was told. 

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in medieval/fantasy books.

However, I will explain why I only gave this 4 instead of 5 stars. Don’t worry it’s nothing major, but it’s a couple of things that if were tweaked would make this book absolutely fantastic.

The first thing is that in chapter two we are introduced to a character called Solace, and I was so confused by this. I didn’t know who he was. It wasn’t until after a couple of paragraphs down that I realised that we had switched characters. After that it wasn’t a problem, I guess I just wasn’t expecting it.

The second issue I have is to do with the romance between Jenna and Oliver. I didn’t see one bit of chemistry between them. I knew that the author wanted them to get together, but there was no build-up to it. It all just sort of happened, and I was just left there going… okay

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the two of them together, and I was quite happy with them being together. I just wish that the author had built up more to it, maybe building up their relationship and then finally letting them be together in the next book… maybe that would have been better?

All in all, though, this was a great book to read and is something that has enough subtext to keep adults engages and intrigued, but also has enough drama and action to keep younger readers entertained as well. 

I look forward to the next one, as I think the author has done a wonderful job of laying out something that could be an incredible series. I want to know what happens next with the magi, I want to know how the ending is going to affect the next book etc.

Oh yes, I see big things ahead for this series and I can’t wait to read it!

6 thoughts on “Born of Fire and Flood by Bryce Allen – Book Review

  1. This sounds really interesting, since watching stranger things I am into a bit more mystical and other genres I wouldn’t usually go for! This sounds like something I might enjoy. You have written a great review! Thank you for sharing.


  2. I love the cover of this book and immediately had to see what your thoughts were. Since fantasy is my go-to read, and I recently enjoyed a good medieval book, I want to give this a read! I love that you included your confusions as well as your thoughts on the potential for a series. 🙂


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