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Visiting Murudeshwar Temple: A History Travel Guide

The month of Sawan is going on, and if you want to see Lord Shiva, take the first flight and reach Karnataka. The second tallest statue of Shiva Shankar Bhole is established in Bhatkal tehsil in Mangalore, Karnataka, known as Murudeshwar Temple. Lord Shiva has many names, one of them is Murudeshwar. 

For this reason, the temple was named Murudeshwar Temple. The idol of Lord Shiva established here is of silver color, which is very beautiful to see. As soon as the sunlight falls, this idol shines like silver.

This temple town is situated at a beautiful and peaceful place on the banks of the Arabian Sea, 165 km from Mangalore. Murudeshwar Temple Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Karnataka.

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Temple History was Connected with Ravan

The history of this temple is related to Ravana, so this temple is also remarkable. Kanduka hill is surrounded by water on three sides. For tourists, coming here is like a day. 

On one side, there is a vision of Lord Bhole, and on the other side, there is a place surrounded by sea, which is no less than heaven in itself.

History of Murudeshwar Temple

Now let us move towards the belief for which this temple is famous. It is told in the stories that when Ravana was doing penance to Lord Shiva to get the boon of immortality, Shivaji, pleased with his penance, gave him a Shivling, which is called ‘Atmalinga’ and said that if you want to become immortal, If yes, take it to Lanka and establish it, but keep one thing in mind that wherever you keep it, it will be established there.

Second Tallest Statue in the World

The idol of Lord Shiva built outside the Murudeshwar temple is the second tallest Shiva idol in the world, and its height is 123 feet. It can be seen from far away in the Arabian Sea. It took two years to build and was built by Kashinath and other sculptors of Shivamogga. The local RN Shetty built it and spent around 5 crores Indian Rupees.

This idol has been made in such a way that the rays of the sun keep falling on it, and it keeps shining.

Hotels in Mangalore

Now the biggest question is, where did you stay after reaching here. You will find many hotels and lodges around Bhatkal, where you can easily enjoy this whole place by staying. The hotel restaurants present here will easily come in your budget. Here is a list of some hotels, which will be helpful for you in this journey.

  • Shree Vinayaka Residency
  • RNS Guest House
  • Hotel Kola Paradise
  • Central Lodge
  • Panchavajra Homestay
  • Raja Gopur – Raja Gopur

Gopra is generally the main gate of any Hindu temple. Rajagopura is a 20-story building, which is the entrance to the Murudeshwara temple. Devotees can use the lift in the gopura to reach the upper floor and see the Murudeshwar temple and Shiva statue and the sea spread over miles away. Fort, Garden, and all those things around Murudeshwar Temple where you can spend the whole day.

Murudeshwar Temple and the World’s Second Largest Lord Shiva Statue

Murudeshwara is a small place for pilgrimage on the coast of Karnataka, 160 km from Mangalore International Airport. It is located in the north. “Murudeshwar” is another name for Lord Shiva. Near the Murudeshwar beach, there are two beautiful temples with majestic statues. This small and beautiful town is famous for the world’s second tallest statue of Lord Shiva and the Murudeshwara Temple. Two lively concrete elephants guard the 20-story high Gopira on the stairs leading inside the temple.

The Murudeshwara Temple is built on the Kanduka hill, which the Arabian Sea surrounds on all three sides. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and like all other major South Indian temples, the temple has a 20-story gopura. 

This 249 feet tall gopura is considered to be the largest gopuram in the world.

Lord Shiva Statue

Apart from this, there is a huge idol of Lord Shiva in the temple premises, which is visible from a distance. The height of the statue is 123 feet, and it took almost two years to build. The idol is designed so that the sunlight falls directly on it, and thus it looks very spectacular. The idol has four arms and is adorned with gold.

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