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Christmas Film Countdown – 14

Only 13 more days, less than 2 week!! How time has gone quickly.

How is it that time has gone quickly though? And yet, here I am stuck on a train which seems to be taking forever. I mean why?

It’s probably just because I just want to go home and see all the animals (sorry mum and dad, pets come first).

Anyway, here’s the next film in the list and all I can say is that I hope you have a box of tissues near by.


Title: Jack Frost

Age: PG

p22102_p_v8_aa.jpgReleased: 11th December 1998

Director: Troy Miller

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Rating: **** (4/5 stars)

About: Jack Frost is the tale of a man who’s trying to be a father, a husband, a breadwinner, and he’s trying to do what he loves to do. Ultimately he realizes that if you don’t pay attention to the people dearest in your life — your family — you could lose it all. Jack, an often-traveling blues musician, has spent little time with his son- then dies in a car accident and then realizes his mortal life mistake of not being there for his son. Then Jack “came to life one day” as a snowman to repair his lost time.

Review: Ok, so I know that some people find this film a little bit sad (ok, a lot, I admit it guys, I was crying like a baby when it ended).

There is a great musical bit in the beginning – I mean the dad is suppose to be this great rock star singer person.

What is clear though, is that they are a very close family (even if the dad is always away doing music stuff). It’s kind of overly sweet to be honest, but then it’s also a blow to the stomach because when the dad dies (I’m not spoiling anything by the way), you’re like oh no they were just together again as a family.

Luckily, the film doesn’t delve too much into the mourning period of the family (because then I really would be a crying mess) and it moves on to a year later, where Christmas is occuring again *surprise surprise*.

What I found rather amusing is that the son builds a snowman (I mean that makes sense since this is what the film is about) and the fathers’s spirit – I guess – is within the snowman now. The fact that the son refuses to believe that the snowman is the father at the beginning and then builds this type of fort (which the baby sitter guy just doesn’t notice?)is kind of stupid, but funny at the same time. Anyway that scene did make me laugh at least.

Which is weird because essentially this is a film about a father dying at Christmas time – and yet there were still a few amusing moments. Although, I must admit those moments are obviously needed, or else this would be a very sad film.

You can’t help but feel happy at it at least because by the end, the son has been able to show his father his skills at a ice hockey game, and you can really see how close they get by the end.

It is kind of sad though that the boy had to live through his father leaving him twice. But at least the second time he got to say an actually goodbye and I think it wp22102_p_v8_aa.jpgas done to show that the son could move on with his life now as well.

All in all, you will need a tissue (or a few) nearby because this film really does get your emotions going. But it is the perfect Christmas film, as it shows how important your family are (particular
ly around Christmas time).

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