Agathe-Christine: Next Door Spy – Film Review

Disclaimer: I received this film for free from TriCoast Entertainment in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the film or the content of my review.

Title: Agathe-Christine: Next Door Spy 

Age: U

Release Date: 16th June 2020

Director: Karla von Bengtson

Genre: Family, Mystery

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5 stars)

About: Ten-year old Agathe-Christine or AC likes to be on her one.

Here she dreams about mystery and from the basement of the building, where she has just moved in with her family, she has established a little detective bureau.

AC’s first mystery looks likes it is going to be simple to solve, but before long, she finds herself involved in a much more complicated case, much more when she could ever have imagined.

Review: So guys I was really excited when I got asked to review this film.

It’s an up and coming animated film that isn’t going to be released until the 16th June on various digital platforms (InDemand, Amazon, iTunes, DirecTV, AT&T, FANDANGO, FlixFling, Vudu).

This film is absolutely perfect for anyone with young children, particularly if your child loves a good mystery.

An official still from Agathe-Christine: Next Door Spy. Image Credit: TriCoast Entertainment

As an adult it’s watchable, but not something that I would go out of my way to watch if I’m being honest. This is partly because I pretty much figured out the mystery straight away, so in that sense it wasn’t so good… But I guess it would take a young child a while to figure it out, so I don’t see it as a huge problem.

This is a kid’s film though obviously, but it’s not just a film that you can use to entertain your children with – the storyline and characters create a great message that your children can learn from.

They’ll learn how to have faith and trust in others, how to deal with feelings like being an outsider (which is a really great lesson, particularly if children move around a lot), and that you should always be yourself.

The main character Agathe Christine (AC) is a little bit stubborn, but she has a great passion and throughout the entirety of the film she stayed doing what she loved, even though others told her she basically wasn’t good enough.

An official still from Agathe-Chrisine: Next Door Spy. Image Credit: TriCoast Entertainment

Luckily in the end it all worked out, and she proved to everyone that she was doing the right thing.

The one thing I don’t understand about this film though is the fact that there is a talking lizard – why and how is it talking?

I first though that it has something to do with her insecurities, and was just a way to show how she was dealing with things.

I still think that that might be the reason, but it wasn’t quite clear if this was the case. Particularly at the end when she overcame her insecurities and was able to trust people in her life easily by the end of it.

An official still from Agathe-Chrisine: Next Door Spy. Image Credit: TriCoast Entertainment

The talking lizard isn’t really a big issue though as it doesn’t really affect the storyline, but it’s one of the main reasons why I gave this film 4 out of 5 stars – as it just felt like there were a few things that were brushed over.

My rating for this film is mainly based on the fact that it is a pretty great film for young children. You’ve got an intriguing storyline and some great lessons (as previously mentioned).

It even manages to capture the struggles of balancing family life with personal interests and just has a sense of realism about it.

When you listen to the conversations and dialogue between the characters, it was clear to me that a lot of thought had been put into the script. It was a very real film (if you forget about the talking lizard haha)!

An official still from Agathe-Chrisine: Next Door Spy. Image Credit: TriCoast Entertainment

I also just want to point out how amazingly skilled the people are who created this film – there is a special look about this film which features 100 backgrounds and 39 characters drawn in Photoshop, with each cell painted-by-hand and each character layered 600-times to enable movement.

I just think that’s incredible and the fact that this has taken about one and a half years, just shows their dedication to this!

The animation is stylized and artfully done, especially in the daydream sequences that Agathe lets her mind wander to frequently when she is dreaming about solving a case.

An official still from Agathe-Chrisine: Next Door Spy. Image Credit: TriCoast Entertainment

For a kid, this is the perfect film to watch – so if you want to entertain your kids for an hour and a bit then this could be perfect for you!

You don’t even need to be in the same room with them – there is nothing scary about this film and it is perfectly safe for them to watch on their own.

So if you need an hour to yourself to do a bit of work, or just want to have some “you time”, then when this becomes available on various digital platforms (on the 16th June), then this could be the perfect choice!

28 thoughts on “Agathe-Christine: Next Door Spy – Film Review

  1. I had no idea that Agatha Christie had been turned into a cartoon for kids. I almost wish my kids were younger so I could hook them into this. Instead I’m wondering if I can tie it into class and teaching reading skills (inference? Character development? Setting?)…

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  2. My daughter would absolutely love this film. In fact, she is looking over my shoulder as I am writing asking to watch it! We’ll definitely be watching it upon release! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the animation style for this. It looks so cool! Plus Agatha Christy for kids? It feels new and fun.
    Me and my daughter will definitely give this a watch

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The good thing about this film is that it is really easy to watch and has a cute storyline! Obviously better suited for younger children, but it does work perfectly if all you want is a bit of lighthearted entertainment!


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